By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 18, 2014 at 5:16 AM

The "Social Circle" is a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

This week asked the Social Circle if it has acclimated to the name "Colectivo" or if some still call the local coffee roasters / cafes "Alterra."

The response was incredible. Overall, it seems most are still adjusting – or don’t plan to.

Some, however, are OK with it and one person didn’t even notice.

Below is a sampling of the responses, but to read the entire thread, go here. And feel free to add your opinion via the Talkback feature or on Facebook.

Pamela Anderson: "It's gone. Can't bring it back. I've adjusted."

Matt Baran: "Marsbucks."

Jason Bohn: "Colectivo is a real place so I call it that."

Stephanie Bollow: "Alterra or Colectivo with air quotes."

Elyse Cizek: "Every time I say ‘Colectivo’ I feel like I'm mocking someone's native language."

Matthew George: "Both – simply because I often forget they changed their name. Although I like Colectivo. It has a nice Socialist ring to it."

Brandy Glass-Lucchesi: "Kinda stuck on Alterra!"

Roy Henning: "I've never been to Colectivo but I go to Alterra all the time."

Jenny Steinman Heyden: "If people could spell Colectivo it would be easier."

Paul Hildenbrand: "I'm one of the 'Colecterra' folks. My son just calls it ‘Bus Coffee’ and then laughs hysterically."

Betsy Holmes: "For what's it worth, my son was living in Orlando and tried some of the coffee they paid big bucks to call ‘Alterra’ and he says it bites. Big time. Guess I'll embrace the new name. But it's kinda dorky."

Katharina Hren: "I've gotten used to Colectivo. It helps that my son corrects me. Tired of the auto correct on my phone though."

Natalie Huess: "I don't call it either. I prefer to support Anodyne, Stone Creek or Sven’s.

Brian Jacobson: "Sometimes I go with the old French pronunciation ‘fu-el cah-fe.’"

Tuc Krueger: "I call it Onopa Brewing Company."

Amy Mizialko: "I only check in on Facebook to Alterra never Colectivo."

D. Mueller: "Colectivo as in the collective. The name is OK. I love the food."

Melissa Musante: "Alterra. When a brand is working you shouldn't mess with it."

Nicole Noonan: "Alterra. Sorry, Colectivo sounds like a robot, not nice earthy coffee."

Tom Pankowski: "It will always be Alterra. Colectivo sounds like a cheap Riverwest co-op that's starting open mic night to try and save itself from going out of business."

Ted Perry: "Look, I still call the big building Downtown The First Wisconsin Building so you're gonna have to give me some time on this one."

Julie Ragland: "Colectivo – because I could never keep Anodyne and Alterra straight."

Paul Roberts: "It's a fine name plus we get all the cool stuff that goes with it. All Mars gets is the word."

Lisa Roe: "Alterra. It has a better flow. But honestly, ever since they got rid of George's Burly Blend, I don't even refer to it that much because Valentine's provides my go-go juice these days."

Michael Schmidt: "Said Alterra a few times, but it's Colectivo now, not much of a problem."

Mary-Louise Schumacher: "I call it Colecterra. Diane Bacha started it."

K.E. Semmel: "I accept it. But we also only lived here for about two weeks when they changed it. When one day it was suddenly Colectivo we were just momentarily confused. The meaning behind the name makes it pretty cool."

Renee Shavers: "Doesn’t matter."

Elizabeth Stancyzk: "I worked for Alterra for years, I say, ‘the coffee company formerly known as Alterra.’"

Jason Staniak: "Didn't even know they changed it."

Jennifer Stewart: "Alterra for life!"

Stacie Michelle Williams: "Accepted, sure, but the knee-jerk name that comes out of my mouth is still 'Alterra.' It takes time. Five years later people still occasionally refer to Boswell Book Company as "Schwartz's."