By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 20, 2012 at 5:18 AM

Welcome to a weekly segment called "Social Circle." It's truly a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

This week, the Social Circle's talking food again, sharing their thoughts on the city's best buffet. Lots of votes for Maharaja's Indian lunch buffet, but a couple of lesser-known joints as well.

How about you? Where's the buffet with the best bang for your buck? Milwaukeeans love a good deal, especially when it comes to eats, so don't keep your fave a secret. We want to know!

Nicole Acosta: "Yep, Maharaja. Love it. Went on our first date there. And for an Asian buffet, I like Bamboo Hut."

Erica Davis: "Mayura, because it ends with home-made mango ice cream, and China Gourmet because it's very fresh."

Brian Eisold: "I like CiCi's pizza buffet. It isn't the best food, but it's really cheap, kid friendly, and the employees are really nice. I mean, they really go out of their way for their customers."

Michelle Gilbert: "Casablanca's vegetarian buffet."

Natali Heuss: "Majaraja! Maharaja is SUPER kid-friendly! I've got six and seven-year-old daughters that LOVE it there and the staff are awesome with them!"

Jenny Justice: "Maharaja! Miss that place so much."

Shannon Knapp: "Maharaja is the only buffet I would ever eat from. As for what's so good about it: good price, delicious food, fresh, well-monitored and refreshed. The quality with which they do everything."

Loyal Mehnert: "I prefer Mayura. Friendly staff, great food."

Liana Odrcic: "I haven't been to many in the city, but I like both Maharaja's buffet and Casablanca's buffet. Both reasonably priced, lots of variety, excellent food."

Taylor Pipes: "Scanda House (drat! That place hasn't been open in years). OK, Shakey's (Dang! The last Milwaukee outpost closed two years ago)."

Jaimmie Stugard: "Maharaja!"

Cory Trones: "Keep it simple. Mama Mia's lunch buffet."

Scott Walter: "Mayura over Maharaja. Better food, and they serve papadam! Casablanca rocks too, for the veggie moment. The King and I is OK, but pretty limited as far as choices."

Caitlín Zhenotdel: "Seoul Korean Restaurant's lunch buffet. It's on Prospect. $10. Often a variety of meat items, clams, vegetable fried rice as well as other delicious dishes."