By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 16, 2014 at 5:19 AM

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Numerous stores will be open on Thanksgiving night for pre-Black Friday shopping. This has caused great delight and disgust in people and so, this week, polled the Social Circle for its thoughts on shopping on Turkey Day.

What do you think? Is it ironic to buy things on a day intended to honor gratitude or is it no different than going to a bar, restaurant or movie theater on Turkey Day? There’s no right or wrong here, folks, just your valued opinions!

Barbara Aho: "I will boycott them for the year."

Elaine Alred: "At least they have some time off. Shopko closes for an hour."

Nick Berg: "What ever happened to sleeping in and making epic Thanksgiving leftovers sammiches?"

Jennie Brand: "Disgusted, period."

Jessica Brehm: "Perfect family bonding time. The family that shops together has fun together."

Laura Fefferman: "I work at a store that opens around dinner time Thanksgiving Day. I knew what I was getting into when I took the job."

Kat Froelich: "Gives employees with dysfunctional families something to do instead of feeling sad."

Pat Hayes: "I don’t care."

Michele Hoff: "If everyone had off on Thanksgiving and Christmas there would be no police force. No firemen to come and put out the fire that your uncle started because he can't read directions on how to fry a turkey. No gas stations. No grocery stores for when you need to grab skim milk because you forgot that mom was on a diet. Again. And Aunty Helen drank all the wine."

Alissa Gonyea: "I have a dysfunctional family. I never had a place to go on thanksgiving or Christmas. I loved working. That way I wouldn't have to tell everyone I didn't have plans. And, I did volunteer at shelters, too."

Katie Johnson: "Gross, but definitely not surprising."

Kristin Karpinski: "I worked a lot of holidays in my time. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Arbor Day ... lots of employers offer time and a half, double pay and other incentives for working on the holidays. Yeah, holidays off are great, but it was awesome to make that extra money!"

Joshua Knutson: "If you don't like it, simply don't do it. Easy as that."

Erin Linnane: "I do Cyber Monday, in my jams. No people. I do, however, keep the news on to catch all the Black Friday fights."

Edie Mac: "I think people should skip the entire frenzied shopping debacle altogether and focus on what the holiday season used to be about. My family, friends and I buy each other gifts all year round because we are thinking of the other person and care about them. I always feel like we are almost ‘bullied’ into the ridiculous ritual of worrying what to get for whom and spending money we don't really have on things that may not even ever be used."

Hannah Medrow: "I actually thing it's nice when some places are open on holidays, if for no other reason than to give people without family somewhere to go, so as not to be entirely alone. I have no problem with working on holidays, either -- our family always scheduled celebrations around our work situations, so it was fine. I think the real pity, the real sad commentary, is the rampant consumerism that makes people so shopping and 'sale' obsessed that they wait in parking lots to feed the never-ending corporate greed."

Dave Mikolajek: "Bummer for the staff."

Susan Million: "I think it's great! There are plenty of families who enjoy holiday shopping (or looking) together. It's a yearly tradition as much as turkey and football."

Russ Pracieduz: "Mass consumerism is stupid. People I know who enjoy it seem to for anthropological reasons."

Paul Schmitz: "Disgusting. I think the whole Black Friday thing is also terrible, even irresponsible in a way. They should offer deals not just for one day and allow those who need a deal to be patient rather than waiting for hours at horrendously overfilled parking lots and stores. And to open on Thanksgiving is to commercialize the one day people can rest and be together. And it ruins the workers' family time too. Don't get it."

Terry Sexton: "Pope Francis: Unbridled consumerism will have destructive consequences for the planet. Rev. Billy: Stop shopping!"

Tia Simoni: "It makes retail workers second class citizens. The implicit communication is that because they work in retail their family time is less important than that of those who can afford to shop door-busters."

Laron Taylor: "I'd rather be in a pub!"

Marc Weise: "Wouldn't it be Black Thursday? (Man that doesn't sound right. Neither does Black Friday.)"