By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 26, 2011 at 5:18 AM

Welcome to a new weekly segment called "Social Circle." It's's first article that's truly a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors.

Every Monday, we will ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in the Thursday column. Well-known Milwaukee movers-and-shakers will contribute, too.

This week, we asked the question, "Who's your favorite Milwaukeean, living or dead?" and got answers ranging from Dick Bacon to Golda Meir. It's true: there have been so many magnificent Milwaukeeans, it's hard to choose, but once you do, feel free to offer up your fave via the Talkback feature.

And yes, you can nominate your mom because let's face it, she's pretty awesome.

John Adler: "Dick Bacon."

Evan Barnes: "Bill Rouleau, as a friend, an organizer of a million great things that improves the quality of life for folks round here and as a Bartender, radio personality and business owner."

Mike Brenner: "Jerry Zucker. The Zucker brothers also graduated from Shorewood High School, and my junior year, one of my classmates convinced our communications teacher to let us watch 'Kentucky Fried Movie' in class. Mr. Wizwald had never seen it before. We only made it to the first shower scene."

Geoff Carter: "Bob Uecker."

Kay Church: "Hank Aaron, even though he didn't live here for very long."

Wayne Clingman: "Captain Pabst."

Brian Eisold: "Frank P. Zeidler."

Russ Fascia: "Dick Satan (musician)"

Anthony Garrison: "Spencer Tracy and Steve Miller."

R. Michael Gull: "Squiggy."

Gary Hartz: "Charlotte Rae from 'The Facts of Life' ... You know, 'Mrs. Garrett.' LOL."

Elizabeth Kay: "Didn't Oprah live in Milwaukee for a while?"

Adam Levin: "Les Paul. I realize he's from Waukesha, but he did invent the electric guitar."

Donna Reed: "Crankee Frankee. And Golda Meir ain't so bad herself."

Melissa Tempel: "I second Squiggy! Or wait, how about Guy Fiorentini? Or Bob Peterson? Or Father Groppi? Hmmm ... George Martin? Too many to choose from!"

Monica Thomas: "Dick Bacon!"

Dan Schley: "My grandparents. But as to famous ones, Mayor (Frank) Zeidler."

Justin "J-money" Engel-Sprague: "Evan Barnes."

Paisley Valentincic: "Can I pick my mom? She wasn't famous, but she was an advocate in the world of public art in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. If she had more time she would have done even more amazing things for the city!"

Mike Voya: "The staff of every non-profit in the city. They all deserve medals. Oh, and teachers."

Mitchell Wakefield: "Freeway."

Deanna Wecker: "John Norquist."