By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Sep 01, 2013 at 5:05 AM

The "Social Circle" is a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

Every five years, Milwaukee becomes a hub for Harley riders around the world. This year Harley celebrates its 110th anniversary and thousands of bikers are in town to eat, drink, swap, tour and ride.

We asked the Social Circle’s thoughts on the Harley guests and, as always, opinions range from thrilled to disgusted. What are your thoughts?

Be safe, Milwaukee and Milwaukee visitors.

Jaime Abner: "They may have rough exteriors but are sweethearts deep down! Love these guys."

Kory Beavers: "I think it's really neat that all those riders come from all over the world to Milwaukee."

Brian Brehmer: "Better than all the shootings in town over the past month or so."

Patrick Davies: "I love that Milwaukee is the center of attention for something positive. H-D's are some of the most beautiful machines in the world to look at. The noise is horrible. An engine that growls is cool. An engine that sounds like it's continually backfiring is noise pollution. Two out of three ain't bad."

Emily Dunn: "I absolutely want to support Milwaukee, but I also want my toddler to nap. It's more of a noise pollution/sleep deprivation issue for me at the moment."

Kay Ehlers: "Meh. I can't stand the noise of motorcycles."

Kat Froelich: "Milwaukee is so lucky to have this! If you hate it, don't fret ... it's only a few days."

Thomas Johnson: "It’s bogus every time and I'm glad I don't live in the city right now. They're really good at keeping small children awake late at night."

Adam Levin: "Erik Estrada is in town ... it's worth it."

Matt Liban: "All for it, if they stimulate the economy."

Lisa Malmarowski: "I'm loving it – great PR for our hometown, it's really fun to see people enjoying the city and it's excellent for business, especially the businesses that are going out of their way to be accommodating to these visitors. And I'm not even a motorcycle rider!"

Ted Perry: "(In response to Thomas Johnson) Let's see: international attention, 20 million into local economy, the celebration of a Milwaukee company known world-wide ... Yeah, totally bogus."

Taunya Pelzek: "I love looking at all the different style bikes! And my neighbor looked so forward to this. R.I.P Greg!"

Nancy Peske: "Much quieter than the horrid Air Force jets, thank goodness. Vrrm vrrm away, I say. Happy to have the visitors and the tourist dollars!"

Patty Pritchard Thompson: "I like the money that it brings. I like that people from all over the world come to be a part of it. I like how Milwaukee gets all sparkly and pretty for it. But dang, it's loud!"

Iggy Rae: "Ever since tattoos and Harleys became ‘cool’ there are 500,000 poseurs in shorts and sleeveless shirts riding their first motorcycle. What could possibly go wrong?"

Suzy Richardson: "It’s great we have one company that stayed true to Milwaukee."

Jen Skladanek: "I think it's great for Milwaukee and all the service industry people! Bringing revenue to our city and also people from all over the country/world get to realize how awesome Milwaukee is. The flip side is the bikers / tourists that don't know their way around and being a bicyclist I have to use more caution when riding in the streets."

Angie Ulbrich: "Love it. Love the rumble!"