By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 14, 2012 at 9:04 AM

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This week's Social Circle question received a huge response. Surprisingly, people had no problem coming up with one Milwaukee restaurant that would be their destination of choice for their last supper.

Responses ranged from Sanford to George Webb's and just about every type of restaurant in between.

Which local eatery wold you dine in if you knew it would be your last meal?

Shari 'Beck' Azinger: "Carnevor. All day long! Yum."

Margaret Bacik: "Three Brothers or Beans 'n' Barley or VIA."

Robin Barry: "Braise."

Doug Bensyl: "Crazy Water."

Deb Bozewicz: "Sanford. Unless the Blue Deli was still in business."

Steve Brockman: "Milwaukee Steakhouse."

Bonnie Brusky: "Corazon or Cempazuchi Comida Brava."

Pam Cake: "Currently: Odd Duck and die very, very happy."

Melanie Chester: "Back in the day I would've said Giovanni's. Izumi's now."

Stephie Conn: "Living: Sanford. Dead: Beta by Sabor with Mitch Ciohon as chef. FYI, the new best Mexican restaurant is Terra near 6th and National. It is HANDS DOWN THE BEST!"

Tim Coné: "Sobelman's or the Wisconsin State Fair."

Cheryl Craig: "Red Lobster."

Scott Davis: "Odd Duck, if fancy. GTO, otherwise."

Nicole Deal: "Palomino."

Marin Webster Denning: "If you're gonna go all last supper, you can't beat Serb Hall on a Friday night."

Jessica J. Dwyer: "Odd Duck! Or Hardee's."

Brian Eisold: "Fuel Cafe."

Michael Garrison: "Christie's on 13th Street."

Lisa Gatewood: "Odd Duck!"

Brandy Glass-Lucchesi: "Caterina's."

Janelle Gramling: "The Noble!"

Claire Marie Hegstrom: "Yen Ching!"

MiNei Hetzel: "Bombay Sweets."

Michael Horne: "If it is held in town, then The Milwaukee Club. If I return home to die, then The Milwaukee Country Club. (The Grill Room, if it happens to be a last luncheon.)"

Cindy Horzewski: "Maria's Pizza."

Jillian Imilkowski: "Pastiche!"

Ken Jelacic: "Paulie's Pub and Eatery."

Dave Jarecki: "Is Scotty's Crab House still around? (Sorry, but I moved 10 years ago). If so, then I'd eat there."

Laura Jones: "Bellafini's in New Berlin or Kan Pai."

Cherylann Kelly: "Kyotos for sushi."

Carson Keyes: "Eddie Martini's."

Wendy Kogler: "Riviera Maya."

Chris Krajniak: "Pastiche."

Dan Krass: "The cozy confines of Lagniappe Brasserie. Runner-up: Eating a bag of onion and garlic chips at Mike's A Little Bit Country."

Maureen Kwarcinski: "Joey Gerard's Supper Club in the Village of Greendale."

Carol A. Lenzie: "Ann's Pizza. Hales Corners."

Nick Lesselyoung: "The burger truck on North Avenue."

Adam Levin: "Conejito's. I have my reasons."

Erin Shea Linnane: "If I had a Delorean it would be Benji's circa 1985. If not, Zaffiro's pizza. The one on Farwell, not the one at the movie theater."

John McCarville: "Solly's. Lots and lots of Solly's."

Mike Mccarville: "Pitch's East Side."

Steve Mergener: "George Webb's of course."

Heather Mervyn Majusiak: "Mazo's!"

Lisa Malmarowski: "Maxie's Southern Comfort. I want to go with a down South, mint julep and grits. Bang!"

Lissa Marie: "INdustri Café-Milwaukee!"

Michael Mathias: "Three Brothers. Burek, grape leaves, Grandma's torte and many bottles of the house wine."

Christal Meredith-Korfhage: "Smoke Shack."

Stephen Minutolo: "Ristorante Bartolotta for certain. Preferably around the time of a white truffle menu."

Amy Mizalko: "Roots. :("

Dwight Moss: "La Merenda or Eddie Martini's."

Daniel Nathan: "Pastiche. I'm done with Lake Park Bistro."

Stephanie Orth: "Las Palmas is the best Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee."

Tom Pankowski: "Fish fry from Turner Hall Restaurant would be great."

Sheila Postotnik: "Polonez."

Randy Prasse: "Real Chili. East Town."

John Ralphenson: "Hooligan's."

Wendy Regan: "5 O'clock Club."

Stephen Rose: "Ma Fischer's at about 2:45 a.m. Friday or Saturday. LOVE IT."

Dawn Sanders: "The Eatery. Or Rock Bottom."

Nicole Schanen: "Spinach and feta omelet from Ma Fischer's."

Renee Scherck-Meyer: "Pastiche."

Justin Schmitt: "Sabor."

Josh Shindell: "Conejito's."

Bryan Schmidt: "Sanford."

Shawn Shotzawiski: "La Merenda."

Bailey Simler: "VIA Downer."

Irene Pilugin Skipper: "Harbor House. Always had great meals there and the location is perfect!"

Jen Skladanek: "Resurrecting my mom from the dead and eating her Italian food. Or Marchese's Pizza. Or Pasta Tree."

Aaron Skufka: "Odd Duck."

Dean R. Slater: "Beyond The Sea. It was on Brady Street. I had one of the best steaks of my life there."

Katie Smalls: "I'd get an omelet from Comet Cafe."

Daniel Stauff: "Pastiche or Lakefront Bistro!"

Jack Stewart: "A couple of years back, Nanakusa. Today, Sanford."

Michael Stodola: "La Merenda."

Lauryl Sulfate: "That's a tough one. Cafe Corazon or Izumi's, probably. Or, Benji's Deli."

Julia Raasch Ubert: "Lisa's Pizza."

Kim Utech: "Crazy Water. Peggy is brilliant!"

Susie Vanden Boom: "Chancery. I make no apologies, I love it."

Carolyn Weber: "La Merenda."

Jenna Westbrook: "Roots. Or Cubanita's."

Jessica Zierten: "Oriental Pharmacy."