By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 02, 2014 at 5:22 AM

This week, asked the Social Circle for its favorite and least favorite Milwaukee words and expressions. The response was incredible. To read the entire thread, go over by the Facebook page once. 

Yes, you read that right.

And keep talking all your unique talk, Milwaukee. 

Tammy Becker: "Cheesehead."

Brian Brehmer: "Ain’a."

Stephie Conn: "‘Jimmies,’ gets on my nerves. I call them ‘sprinkles’ for ice cream, etc. A ‘jimmy’ is another word for a condom."

Fred Gillich: "I seen. Acrost the street. And the letter S added to locales that don't need them like the Nomads."

Lee Guk: "What's your cheapest beer / shot / drink?"

Susan Higgins-Larkey: "Bubbler. Both my most and least favorite."

Dan Hounsell: "My least favorite: highway-a-hundred."

Damien Jaques: "Or no – as in ‘are you going to bed or no?’ ‘Are you eating that last brat or no?’"

Julie Kaufman: "Cripes! (Love it.)"

Steph Kilen: "So I said to him, I says…"

Adam Levin: "Stop and go light."

Erin Linnane: "I like them all – it's part of what makes Milwaukee, Milwaukee."

Ed Makowski: "Geeeeeeeeez!"

Lisa Malmarowski: "Least favorite, while dining in a restaurant the server asks 'You still workin' on that?’ Or the continual use of 'you guys' when addressing a group of women."

Dax Phillips: "Ya know."

Clive Promhows: "Go Packers!"

Helena Radke: "Yer guyses. As in, ‘can I come over to yer guyses house tonight?’ What IS that? (Twitch.)"

Guy Rehorst: "I recall my second generation Polish south side grandmother anytime she was asked where Gimbels (Schuster’s) was on Mitchell Street her response was ‘where the streetcar bends the corner round’ and that was long after street cars disappeared from Milwaukee."

Jason Reynolds: "It’s a bag, not a beg."

Wayne Rokicki: "The pronunciation of the name of the city: M’waukee."

Lucinda Ryan: "I moved to Florida 10 years ago and I still say bubbler, M'waukee and ay at the end of some of my sentences."

Richard Schwalb: "Can you go pick up the bakery?"

Jen Skladanek: "Oh yah. (Very Cudahy / Sheboygan.)"

William Stace: "Least favorite: Borrow me some money."

Deanna Wecker: "Soda. I call it pop."

Stacie Williams: "The one that kills me is ‘go by’ instead of ‘to,’ as in ‘I'm going by my mom’s’ or ‘I'm going by the bar.’ Whenever someone uses that, I say, ‘Oh, you're going BY your mom's? What, are you going to just wave while you go by, or throw eggs or something?’"

Carrie Wisniewski: "Yous guys."

Cindi Wood: "Come over here once. Over by so-and-so’s house. Tyme machines."

Patty Zastrow-Jankowski: "Wait, what’s wrong with stop-and-go light?"