By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 02, 2012 at 5:19 AM

This week's Social Circle question, not surprisingly, garnered the most responses of all time. Here are a sampling of the 90-plus posts in the thread. Many were back-and-forth arguments, which were not posted.

Regardless of who you support, get out and vote on June 5, Milwaukee.

Dan Albers: "I hope it works! or that's a lot of money and time down the tubes."

Margaret Bacik: "We are a mere stepping stone for this governor. I truly believe he doesn't give a rat's ass about Wisconsin. He only cares about the one percent and where they can take him on this long road down Corrupt Politics Avenue. If Walker wins, we are screwed."

Melanie Beres: "Too much money to put someone else in that will do the same thing. Lobbyists run the country and the country and world is owned by eight families! Follow the money. Unite. Public must unite, educate themselves and understand truly how our government works. They got too many fooled."

Sarah Berg: "I just want Walker out for no other reason than he wants to tear apart same-sex couples and their families. That rates you a POS in my book. Of course, all the other screwing over everyone that's not one of his cronies makes him all the more despicable!"

Chris Corona: "Stop wasting my tax money and stealing my vote I casted less than two years ago."

Dan Diebert: "There is a recall election? Hadn't heard about it."

Patrick Fox: "Walker doesn't stand a chance."

Maria Holden Raboin: "These posts prove this d-bag is successfully destroying Wisconsin as well as pitting people against each other, as he wanted. Let it end June 5. Vote Barrett!"

Elizabeth Howe: "It is a giant waste of money. We voted again, and Walker won even harder! Way to waste the money he just saved us, Wisconsin."

Joel Kopische: "As much as I detest the man's policies and his approach to governance, I was quite ambivalent on the recall, because he won a proper election played by the rules. I might not like the rules (allowing unlimited corporate contributions), but they are the rules... for now."

Dan Krass: "1. This type of recall election should never happen. Unless there is criminal misconduct or gross negligence, this shouldn't happen. This is all about legal legislation. As Barack Obama said on his healthcare plan, 'Elections have consequences.' 2. While I don't think there were much better options, Tom Barrett was the worst candidate they could've selected to challenge Walker, since he has no platform to run on. 3. I believe the election is pretty much over, Walker winning by 5+ pts."

Stacy La Point: "I can't wait until it's over, regardless of the outcome. My hopes are that Wisconsin ousts Walker for all the obvious reasons stated, he's a puppet to the 1 percent and ALEC. Anything he says about creating jobs and supporting the middle class with 'reforms and tools' is a bunch of lip service. Everyone knows that Feingold would have smashed Walker to bits in this election, but that's just ashes now. Hopefully Barrett will be the unsung hero in the end. I do think he deserves it. Anyone willing to defend a woman on the street and take a pipe to the head over it shows his heart is in the right place."

Hannah Medrow: "I personally lost nothing, and in fact stand to gain financially with Walker, but I will vote against him because he is the worst example of self-serving, political ambition. Fiscally he is a disaster, and his record as County Exec is one of lost lawsuits, including paying $6 million to buy out a Wackenhut contract while having to hire back the public workers he fired."

Dave Mikolajek: "It's annoying."

Wiley Nash: "I think it sets a horrible precedent and for the sake of our democracy, I hope it fails. This whole mess because a handful of people will now have only 87 percent of their health care ins paid by the tax payers instead of 100 percent."

Chad Olson: "Favorite line: 'I want to recall Santa, I didn't like what I got this year for Christmas.' It's a joke and more waste of taxpayer money."

Pam Parker: "So, so, so sick and tired of ads, phone calls, yard signs, billboards – wish it were already over."

Rick Phelps: "What a waste of money. I don't see how Barrett can beat Walker. To me its like how do want to die? Cancer or a heart attack? Both are bad."

Renee Scherk-Meyer: "Recall elections are a great example of how the people control the elected officials – not the other way around. You perform poorly, we can fire you."

Kevin Sloan: "I'm not crazy about it. I like how it went down in Ohio, where people got to vote on the union busting bill as a referendum. They voted it down, as they would have here. But the people that voted the governor in, should get their four years before the next vote."

Tom Strini: "I know Tom Barrett and admire his integrity. Happy to vote for him and to get rid of Walker."

Lauryl Sulfate: "I am terrified of losing the recall, frankly. I have been hanging my hat on the notion that we WILL get Walker voted out. I remember how disappointed I felt when Bush won his second term, but I suspect it would be nothing compared to how I would feel if Walker won. Walker's policies very directly affect my health and well-being, and that of my children, so it is a lot closer to the bone for me. My family uses Badgercare for our health insurance, and as it is, every year when we reapply, I am on pins and needles with worry about how we will afford to pay for health care if we don't qualify. Walker has made it pretty clear where he stands on the idea of making sure his constituents have access to proper health care, and it doesn't look so good for us if he wins. I feel very personally involved, in a way that I never have before."

Monica Thomas: "Of course the issues are important, but I've become way more interested in judging the character of Walker and Barrett and hoping the better man wins."