By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 06, 2011 at 4:21 PM

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 The fun part about this week's question is that it garnered responses from people who really did move away from Milwaukee. It's interesting to hear which restaurants truly were missed when the eatery's food is no longer an option.

Current Milwaukeeans had a lot of great picks, too, from the defunct Albanese's to Beans 'N Barley to George Webb. And a lot of love for Lulu.

What restaurant would you miss the most if you moved away from Brew City? Use the Talkback feature to weigh in.

Emily Ann: "Cafe Lulu!"

Margaret Bacik: "Three Brothers or Conejito's."

Sarah Berg: "Zaffiro's. Nothing like their thin crust pizza."

Ben Brannan: "Transfer."

Geoff Carter: "Albanese's on Keefe. I don't have to move away."

David Connor: "I miss Albanese's."

Katie Daly: "Lulu, Centraal and Suburpia."

Roman Edirisinghe: "I did move away, and the Milwaukee restaurant I miss the most is Maharaja."

Lori Erickson: "La Merenda, Three Brothers, Honeypie."

Ruby Erickson: "The Soup House."

Becky Foster: "Comet!"

Kevin Frank: "Roots, Lulu / Juniper 61, Lowland Group restaurants."

Lori Frederich: "Comet is a good one! Also, La Reve!"

Anthony Garrisson: "Only one? Pasta Tree, Oakland Gyros, Nessun Dorma, Lisa's, Comet ..."

Kristin Godfrey: "Cafe Benelux, La Merenda, Botanas, EE Sane."

Jennifer Goyette: "I am another one who has moved ... Conejito's. And just yesterday I had a huge craving for a Kopp's burger with onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and cheese, please."

Betsy Holmes: "Cafe Lulu. Such a strong vibe of family, friends and home there. And that slaw. OK, the chips, too."

John Honz: "Real Chili."

Tina Hulen: "Leon's."

Jen Kahn-Pettigrew: "Beans and Barley!"

Juli Kaufman: "Hooligan's. We got married at the bar. Yep."

Paul Kennedy: "Juniper 61. I heard that at one time they were thinking of changing the name to Jupiter 61 and moving to outer space. Their fear was people would say that the food was great but there's no atmosphere."

Beth Eaton Knepler: "Beans and Barley."

Deb Kramsky: "Kopp's."

Jen Leek: "I miss Conejito's the most!"

Heather Leszczewicz: "I miss Cafe Lulu, The Knick and Chopstix the most."

Andi Loppnow: "Cafe Lulu!"

Julie Wezyk Liotta: "Beans and Barley."

Jennifer Lucas: "Beans and Barley."

Lisa Malmarowski: "Meritage and Maxie's."

Andy Nelson: "Guanajuato's."

Randy O'Brien: "I did move away once and had people bring me a gyro platter with fries from Oakland Gyro whenever possible."

Mary O'Connell: "George Webb ... purely Milwaukee."

Robert James Otto: "Sake Tumi. Nobody else makes the amazing sexy scallops. And Botanas. Though there is plenty of good Mexican in Minneapolis, but it just isn't the same."

Rachel Peterson: "Cafe Hollander and Beans and Barley."

Rob Peterson: "I miss Kopp's every day. And the best cooking in Milwaukee, right in my mom's kitchen."

Marcella Placencia: "Cafe Lulu."

Carrie Pruhs: "Beans and Barley."

Nancy Quinn: "Bartolotta's in the village, Tenuta's, La Merenda."

Elysabeth Reichman: "I have moved away, and I miss Palomino and Sala da Pranzo, Kopps and (oddly) Noodles. I know the last one is a chain, but we don't have them here ... Oh, God, and Botanas. How could I forget? BOTANAS."

Carole Ross: "Five O'Clock Club and Botanas."

Nathan King Schaefer: "Benji's for the memories; Real Chili from the cravings."

Jennifer Marino Siegel: "I did move, a long time ago, and I still miss Oakland Gyros!"

Bret Spangenberg: "Conejito's."

Jaimmie Stugard: "Maharaja!"

Mihaly Takacs: "Sobelman's!"

Monica Thomas: "George Webb. When I lived in SLC for a year, there came a point when I asked my family to FedEx me their hash browns."

Mitchell Wakefield: "Tess."

Liz Zurich: "I must say as another living away, Kopp's is one I miss. Can't get frozen custard anywhere else I've lived."