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Small plate / tapas dining has become increasingly popular in the past few years, but not everyone is enamored with the concept of sharing their food.

Some people are downright territorial, whereas others appreciate and enjoy trying lots of different dishes in one sitting.

Here’s what the Social Circle has to say this week and feel free to add your opinion of small plate dining via the Talkback feature.

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Mike Barry: "It all tastes good to me. They always seem expensive, though – like on a dollar-per-ounce-of-food basis. I feel like I am paying for the fancy presentation and extra work to prepare many plates and carry them, etc."

Cate Dummann: "Always sharing so we can try more delicious things!"

Liz Dupree-Schafer: "I love tapas and I love ordering a big variety of small plates to share. However, I am pretty territorial about dessert, so I kinda need to have my own dessert. La Merenda is my favorite – their desserts are large and designed to be shared, but I usually eat a whole one by myself!"

Patrick Fox: "I like my own small plate paired with those mini bar booze bottles, because then I can pretend I'm a giant."

Kat Froehlich: "Not for me at all. When I go out to eat I want to feast!"

Lauralei Lehmann-Schmidling: "Love it! Gives everyone a chance to have small tastes of everything."

Jenni Linse Hofschulte: "Sharing doesn't have to mean you don't have your own plate to eat from. I think it is fun to try a variety and generally don't leave ‘over-stuffed.’"

Damien Jaques: "Nice concept, but it can get very expensive fast. After several checks that made me gulp, I tend to avoid small plates restaurants."

Allison Kiterow: "I don't eat cheese and sour cream. Yes, I know this is weird especially since I am Wisconsin born and raised. Anyway, I usually don't prefer small plate dining because in my experience, many of the dishes have goat cheese, brie, cream cheese, etc., so I'm usually just left nibbling on a cracker while everyone else scarfs down the rest."

Kent Knapp: "Wash your hands, kind sir!"

Beth Eaton Knepler: "Good for two people. Bad for large groups. Eating 10 different foods in one sitting tends to give me a stomachache."

Laron Lida: "If you don't want your hand stabbed with a fork stay away from my plate."

Tracey Matalik: "Joey does not share food!"

Peter Nagel: "I like small plate dining, but I just want it to be clear that is what it is when reading the menu. All the small plate places I've been it's kind of ambiguous."

Jeff Pawlinski: "On a date with someone familiar I enjoy the experience."

Laura Hoffmann Stratte: "I like it – I like trying multiple dishes and don't mind sharing. My husband hates it. He has a thing about sharing food, and he says he always leaves a tapas restaurant hungry."

Kyle Swetzig: "I love it, but do not share. Meals are so big these days and cost to much. One small plate is the perfect amount of food and is at a right price. I love the tenderloin crostini at Swig. Same quality of steak, but none of the price as at high-end steak houses, and also the right portion."

Ashlee Zartner: "Share food? Never. But that’s just me."