By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 04, 2009 at 5:21 AM

Local commercials, both old and new, have a way of getting branded onto our memories, with their silly-yet-catchy jingles that are replayed in our brains at the oddest times.

We've seen many of the same local commercials for decades now. Perhaps we're somewhat comforted by them, even though they can be annoying, they are also, ironically, humorous.

What’s your favorite classic, local commercial?

"Stein Gardens and Gifts; make the magic happen!" This one has been around since Schneider jangled Valerie Bertinelli's keys. Love the little animated bird at the very end of the commercial.

"Tadych ... Amish ... Tadych ... Amish." This breathy call-and-response commercial is both irritating and appealing.

"Save Big Money at Menard's!" The man who once appeared in Menards’ commercials wearing large, plastic glasses and an uber-grin is like Milwaukee's own "Mr. Whipple," annoying but effective.

"See us today; have it tomorrow! Soref's Carpet City!" is an oldie-but-a-goody. Speaking of carpet commercials, Empire, although from Chicago, has a classic commercial that Milwaukeeans have seen for years: the one with the cartoon rug unrolling under the cartoon furniture to the tune of "588-2300...Empiiiiiire!"

"Emergency, emergency, emergency TV service!" Remember the men hauling a TV out of a house in the commercial with an old-timey, silent-movie feel?

Crazy TV Lenny -- AKA Len Mattioli -- became a local icon with his nutty ad spots for American TV,  Appliance & Furniture

And of course there's Ernie Von Schledorn, famous for his end-of-commercial "Main Street in Menomonee Falls" and "Who do you know vants to buy a car?"

This pork-friendly ditty has been around forever: "While the holiday ham is in the oven and you've baked it with all your care and lovin,' you know it's gonna be delicious 'cuz it's Patrick Cudahy!"

"PM Bedroom Gallery..." Can't you hear the easy listening, female voice singing this one? It's an interesting contrast with the Huth brothers who own this business and always appear in the ads.