By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 17, 2010 at 8:29 AM

What a mess there is over at NBC.

Leno's bombing at 9 p.m. Conan has struggled at 10:35 p.m. And across the country, local affiliates are in an uproar over lost advertising revenue due to both shows' sagging ratings, which has had a negative impact on local newscasts.

To rectify the situation, the network scrapped Leno's prime time gig and gave him 30 minutes following the news and, in turn, bumping Conan's "Tonight Show" into the early-morning hours.

Conan, as has been widely reported, has balked at the idea and has basically opened a public war against his employer, with David Letterman at CBS and Jimmy Kimmel of ABC joining in the fracas.

In this week's forum, we'd like to know who your late night host of choice is: Leno, Letterman, Conan, Kimmel or even Craig Fergson, Jimmy Fallon or Carson Daly.

It's time to sound off, Milwaukee.