By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 03, 2008 at 5:16 AM

Last weekend, a 43-year-old SABMiller Brewing executive was shot and killed in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. Neighborhood business owners expressed concern that this situation could affect the public’s willingness to hang out in the popular bar-and-restaurant district that flourished in the past few years.

But what do you think? Is one incident going to stop you from hanging out in Walker’s Point or not? Sound-off, Milwaukee, we want to hear your thoughts on this.

Yes, I am hesitant. I will think twice before heading to Walker’s Point from now on. There are plenty of other neighborhoods with less crime so I’ll just go there.  You might not be able to completely avoid crime, but you can lower your chances of being a victim by staying out of higher-crime neighborhoods.

No way. The recent shooting was an awful tragedy, but it is a random and isolated event. This is a fun neighborhood with a lot to offer -- from delicious Mexican food  to nightclub dancing -- and I will continue to enjoy all that Walker’s Point has to offer. Living anywhere -- the city or the country -- has potential dangers. It’s life, and you cannot let fear control your actions or else you really miss out.