By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 09, 2008 at 5:15 AM

Recent shootings in otherwise "good" neighborhoods have some residents wondering where the safe city neighborhoods exist or if they exist at all. Perhaps crime has increased enough that good neighborhoods are truly hard to find, or maybe things are not as bad as the media portrays.

What do you think? Are there many or just a few safe neighborhoods left in the city of Milwaukee, and if so, where are they? Sound-off now, Milwaukee!

Milwaukee does not have any safe neighborhoods. The crime issue has gotten so out of hand that I can honestly say there isn't a neighborhood in Milwaukee I would live in without fear of crime or violence. If you want safety and peace of mind you have to move to the suburbs. Sure, crime happens everywhere, but you can drastically decrease your chances of being a victim if you live in a suburban neighborhood.

There are plenty of safe neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Some media channels focus on crime and cultivate fear, making the city seem a lot less safe than it really is. There are lots of great, safe neighborhoods in Milwaukee like Bay View, Cooper Park, Story Hill and Enderis Park, just to name a few. Plus, leaving the city will just make it worse, so stay in Brew City and be a part of the solution!