By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 13, 2008 at 5:02 AM

Last week, Doug Hissom reported that Milwaukee Alds. Jim Bohl, Willie Hines and Michael Murphy proposed that drinkers could only purchase one beer at a time during street festivals. They also requested a ban on glass containers.

This proposal was in response to the shooting of at 18-year-old man at RiverSplash on May 31. Spectators claim there were crowds of drunken fest goers in (and around) Pere Marquette Park.

RiverSplash officially marks the beginning of festival season in Milwaukee. This was the first shooting to take place during the event.

Do you think limiting the number of beers a person can buy at one time at a street festival is a good solution, or does the problem run deeper than alcohol sales? Sound off, Milwaukee!

Yes, controlling beer purchases will help. If the License Committee approves this proposal, it will help the situation. People will not be able to drink as fast, and they will be less likely to buy beers for under-aged drinkers if they can’t buy one for themselves at the same time. This might not completely erase the problem, but it will certainly help.

No, this proposal won’t change a thing. If the one-drink maximum rule really goes into effect, the lines for beer will be so much longer, which will encourage people to bring in their own booze and drugs. Plus, the festival will make less money so, in the end, restricted alcohol sales could lead to the end of RiverSplash.