By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 31, 2008 at 5:30 AM Photography: Allen Fredrickson

The Harley 105th anniversary is almost over, but so far, have the thousands of Harley riders been respectful of Brew City?

Some residents were concerned about loud Harleys disrupting family life. Other Milwaukeeans expressed dissatisfaction over the number of out-of-towners that would take over area bars and restaurants.

At the same time, many -- maybe even most -- Milwaukeeans were happy to welcome the Harley riders from all corners of world.

But how has the experience been for you? Did the Harley riders live up to, surpass or let down your expectations? Sound-off, Milwaukee!

It’s been great to have you, riders. I think the Harley riders have been very cool. Sure, their bikes are loud, but I find the riders, overall, to be respectful. They are welcome back here any time.

It’s been a drag. The Harley scene has been just as annoying as I expected it to be. The load bikes, the drunken behavior and the general attitude that they own the city makes me want to leave the city for the 110th.