By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 27, 2006 at 5:33 AM

Mike Gousha was arguably Milwaukee's most talented anchorman; a man who is both classy and down-to-earth. However, after 25 years of delivering the news, Gousha gave his final newscast on Friday, and many believe his leaving is a huge loss for Milwaukee media.

But looking ahead, who do we have left? Now that Gousha is gone, who is Milwaukee's top anchor and why?

E-mail us at and if picked, we'll post your response next Sunday. Only submissions that include your full name and where you live will be considered.

Last week's question: Alterra, Anodyne or Stone Creek?

Anodyne is the coffee in Milwaukee. It's not as acidic as Alterra. Plus, the atomosphere on Brady Street makes for a great place to drink coffee.
Peter Fredrickson

I would have to say Alterra is and always has been the best local coffee roaster. In my mind, they are the pioneers for local coffee roasting. They have an excellent selection of different roasts and have for a long time offered organic and fair trade coffee's which is important. I think that is shown by the fact that so many cafes for years have been serving Alterra. Heck, I've even been able to drink my Alterra coffee when I fly Midwest Airlines. Hands down, Alterra is the best.
Michelle L. Mead

At one point I worked at two different restaurants simultaneously. One served Anodyne Coffee. The other, Alterra. Although Alterra has a major stake in Milwaukee as being a fine coffee roaster, I find that the coffee often tastes burnt, a bit dark and suggests an essence of tar. I feel that Anodyne is superior in quality, and definitely delivers a down-to-earth, homegrown taste.
Emily Muehlenberg

Alterra, Alterra and Alterra!
Mary Franklin

I really like Stone Creek the best. It's very flavorful and best of all, there's one a block from my house in Bay View.
Doug Wright
Bay View