By Stephanie Graham Special to Published Jan 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Editor's note: The following sponsored content was provided by Steinhafels.

Let’s face it: In today’s world, we want instant gratification. We want to come home and put our feet up as soon as possible. Now, that’s easier and more stylish than ever! Steinhafels partners with OnMilwaukee to bring you the latest in furniture and interior design trends every month. Let’s look at the newest trends in reclining furniture.

We know what you’re thinking: Reclining furniture is nothing new. Our old family recliner is still holding strong after 30 years! We totally get it. There’s a nostalgia in those old pieces. But imagine this: You come home from a long day at work, you sit down, you push a button, and you’re suddenly sitting back and relaxing with your feet up. No more tricky levers or having to struggle when pushing down to close the footrest!

Steinhafels Upholstery Buyer Elaine Haskey has been in the business for decades. She knows EVERYTHING there is to know about comfortable, supportive and durable seating for the whole family. She has seen trends come and go, but the popularity of power and motion in upholstered and leather pieces isn’t going anywhere!

"All of these comfort and convenience features add so much to your relaxation experience," she explains. "In many of our models, we offer extra comfort features that are also operated by power – like power adjustable headrest, power adjustable lumbar area and power-extend footrest to support longer legs."

Elaine adds, "We’re also seeing more convenience features like reading lights, storage consoles, built-in snack tables, charging for your electronics and some models can even be operated from your mobile device."

If your new power recline furniture is not close to an outlet, or if you wish to position it in the middle of a room, we offer convenient, cordless power packs sold separately.

Are you a little more traditional? Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you! Elaine assures, "Many models are more tailored, too, and have the look of furniture that doesn’t recline. This means you don’t have to compromise style for comfort and convenience."

Check out this Bennett Power Incline sofa. With rolled cigar arms and a subtly scalloped back, it boasts details you might consider more refined than relaxed. But take one look at the sleek side power buttons and built-in USB ports, and it’s clear this classic style has been revamped for the modern home.

We all want to come home, put our feet up and get comfy as soon as possible. Now, with power recline, that’s easier than ever!  

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