By Chef Michael Feker Special to Published Mar 29, 2009 at 6:24 PM
Let's wave good bye to winter and welcome spring through seasonal cooking.

We as foodies and lovers of flavor can do our share to welcome spring. As Mother Nature wakes up so do our cravings for things that she will be bringing in her basket. We can show our appreciation for flavors by focusing what is going to be plentiful, naturally rip and flavorful. That is what seasonal cooking is all about.

Of course, many ingredients are available to us through the globalization of the food markets. But I want you to have ingredients to dictate your meals not recipes. The available ingredients are what should start your creative juices flowing. So plan your meals by learning about seasonal ingredients that are available locally. And then start expanding your global knowledge.

Here are some spring vegetable and meats. I'll have a wonderful and easy recipe available for you to use these ingredients soon. First I am going to tease your culinary emotions.

Top six spring vegetables

Vidalia (Georgia) onions
Spring onions
Mustard greens
Top meat
Spring lamb

Enjoy and stay tuned to my blog!

Chef Michael Feker Special to
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