By Victor DeLorenzo Special to Published Apr 02, 2016 at 6:06 PM

It may not seem like it with the smattering of snow we received today, but spring is but around the corner. With the season in the air, Victor DeLorenzo wrote a collection of thoughts – almost a poetic list, if you will – on the upcoming time of year. Enjoy!

Spring sighting, 2016

Spring can really hang you up the most.

There was a puddle of water there 15 minutes ago.

The sound of the sidewalk is different in Spring.

A bird with a warm wing flew true.

I can remember waking to the smell of those lilac bushes. The hill behind the house that led to Highway 31 was thick with them. They stood like purple sentinels waiting to guide from house to highway. There is a candy available that tastes like those warm pre-summer mornings when the scented breeze was intoxicating. I can remember.

The feeling in the air of another chance close by.

Spring, Sprout, Spew.

Not summer, winter or fall.

The flowers couldn't believe their luck.

Birds compose melodies in 39 octaves to introduce the coming thaw.

She felt the light Spring air when she hit the sidewalk. She smiled.

Everyone came into the store looking for new Pro Keds. I was a shoe dog
that would show the customers what they didn't know they were looking for.
I liked selling shoes. I liked to sell. Shoes, then music. I got fired from that job.

Did the world start in Spring?

The rite of Spring and the wrong of winter.

A gentle rain washed the fields of green and gold.

If it didn't exist, quite a few paintings would disappear.

He had new shoes that took him everywhere. His steps rang with Spring, and all
the problems he had seemed to die. Would this be a new start? Could he imagine
treading water for another nine years. No ...

Her birthday is the first day of Spring.

Bravo! You get to feel another one.

Clean the garage you big dummy.

The March equinox brings rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Does it also bring melancholy, memory, meandering, modesty and morphism?

I love you on a bumper sticker.

On behalf of Spring everywhere, sing.

Buy some new shoes for Spring.

Post-Valentine's blues in green

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