By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 26, 2020 at 9:56 AM

Milwaukeeans had a rough last week, from the Brew City-based DNC being a desolate dud to the Bucks shockingly losing Game 1 against the depleted and just-not-very-good Orlando Magic.

So pardon us if we weren't exactly in a joking mood when this clip from "A Late Show with Stephen Colbert" came across our television screens and social media feeds.

Indeed, the tired "goofy accents, brats, beer and abandoned factories" gags went over in Milwaukee about as well as the fireworks over Wilmington. But actually, they went over so poorly that, as Milwaukee Record caught last night (and props for inspiring one of the bit's better jokes), Colbert himself apologized for the low-blow segment during last night's show. 

OK, that's a pretty good apology. Or maybe we're just a little less bitter about the standard beer and cheese jokes now that the DNC's old news and the Bucks are up 3-1 in their series.

But overall, Colbert's "sorry" was a good combo of sincere and silly, noting that it sucked the DNC and all the ensuing business bailed (however smartly) on Milwaukee while still cracking wise about the Wisconsin staffer who led him astray. And even if the segment still hits on the kind of "first results on a Google search" Milwaukee references we've heard plenty of, we'll have plenty of time to educate him on the nuanced joys and under-appreciated features of our fine city when he hopefully makes good on his promise to drop by a Brewers tailgate next baseball season (or whenever things are normal and healthy enough again for that kind of thing).

And if he needs any advice on racing sausage strategy and technique, I know a guy

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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