By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 23, 2018 at 7:31 PM

After spending the past several days bracing the public and preparing for backlash, the Milwaukee Police Department late this afternoon released the body cam footage of Sterling Brown's arrest – which involved the Bucks player getting Tased by officers – at a Walgreen's parking lot on Jan. 26. 

Released at the end of the news day, the video shows an officer confronting Brown about his car being parked across several spaces in front of a mostly deserted Walgreen's, verbally treating Brown as hostile from the beginning. At one point, he calls for backup and several police vehicles arrive, despite the original officer wearing the body cam noting that he "just wanted one (backup officer)."

Then, at around 8:00 in the video, Brown, surrounded by six officers, is loudly told to take his hands out of his pockets. He notes that his hands are full and, at that point, the officers tackle Brown to the pavement and eventually Tase him while he's pinned on the ground.

At no point in the video does Brown seem "combative," as some early reports indicated, and while he appears frustrated, he also appears calm, never a threat and never seeming to provoke the aggressive police reaction. 

Brown was initially charged with resisting arrest in response to a parking ticket, but those charges were soon dropped. Then, in the past 24 hours, the Milwaukee Police Department prepared to release the body cam video by first showing the clip to Mayor Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee Bucks and others in the community in order to prepare for the backlash.

In comments earlier this week, Barrett noted that he "definitely (has) concerns" after seeing the video, while Assistant Police Chief Michael Brunson told a church gathering Sunday that "we're going to need your support during the challenges," presumed to arise after the video's public release. 

In a press release late Wednesday afternoon, Milwaukee Police Department Chief Alfonso Morales noted that, after an investigation, "members acted inappropriately and those members were recently disciplined." Morales also says in the release, "I am sorry this incident escalated to this level."

Mayor Barrett later spoke to the media Wednesday, stating, "As a human being, I am offended by what I saw in the video."

The Bucks and Brown also both released statements Wednesday afternoon in response to the body cam video, with the team calling the arrest "shameful and inexcusable."

Many others from the worlds of sports and news have voiced their outrage at the video on Twitter.

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