By Nate Proell, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Jul 03, 2017 at 2:15 AM

Andy Grammer's Summerfest concert at the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard was exactly what people wanted to hear from the artist whose genre could be best described as pop/blues.

The Los Angeles musician began his show by having his seven-piece band play a trumpet set before making his way onto the stage with a big smile on his face that his fans could not seem to get enough of. 

After opening up for DJ Paris Hilton two years ago at Summerfest – which was an interesting show to say the least – Grammer finally had his time to shine on his own stage, and he seemed to love it. 

After waving to the crowd – and still smiling – Grammer skipped the introductions and got right into the music, beginning his show by playing his first big hit "Keep Your Head Up" off his 2011 self-titled debut album. 

The crowd could not have cared less that Grammer did not give a proper introduction. In fact the only introduction he really gave the crowd was of him yelling "Milwaukee!" It was not until about the forth song that he took a moment to quickly introduce his band and then got right back to the music playing his song, "Holding Out." However, with nearly every song he played being a hit single at one point in time, the crowd just sang along and seemed delighted. 

Talking was minimal for Grammer. In fact, his whole 90-minute set was nearly one big jam session as his band blended most of the songs together so the whole thing just flowed. It was really only once or twice that the music actually stopped and Grammer talked with the crowd. His first real interaction was him being his charming self and telling the crowd that he saw some really cute girls out there.

His second real interaction was actually more personal to Summerfest, as he went on to explain that eight years ago he played a small stage called the Chevy Stage. Grammer told about how he was playing in front of maybe 60 people, and he was personally handing out T-shirts to people who would sign up for his mailing list. He then went on to thank the fairly large crowd for their support throughout the years to get him to where he is now. After that, he quickly got back to the music. 

Although there were really only two times he stopped to talk to the crowd, Grammer did get them singing along and having a good time – specifically when he played his newly released single, "Give Love." Grammer told the crowd the words and when to say them as he figured they may not have been fully familiar with the song yet. However, they were. It was a loyal crowd and that seemed to make Grammer happy as he told them numerous times how awesome they were.

The most interesting thing about Grammer's set was the couple of cover songs he did. I thought this was just a one-time thing he was trying; however, after looking at previous setlists online, I could see that this is very typical of him. The first cover he did was from co-Summerfest 50 artist Jon Bellion as Grammer mixed his hit "All Time Low" with Zedd's song "Stay" – featuring Alessia Cara, who will play Summerfest on July 4.

His second cover was of Maroon 5's song "Sunday Morning." Grammer also blended his song "Blame It On The Stars" with hip-hop artist Drake's hit "One Dance." It was a very interesting mix, but it really sounded nice. 

Perhaps why the show flowed so well was because Grammer and his band had a few moments where they just jammed for a little while as they switched off on solos from trumpet to guitar. It truly was a big jam session.

So despite not much crowd interaction – and at times it almost sounded like someone was just playing Grammer's live recording on a CD – the crowd had a great time and got what they came for. They came to see Grammer's big bright smile. They came to see him serenade the crowd on his piano, guitar and trumpet. They came to hear the complements, specifically to the ladies in the crowd, that the charming 33-yeard-old is known for. And the Summerfest crowd was satisfied. 


"Keep Your Head Up"
"Fine By Me"
"Kiss You Slow"
"Pocket-What You Want"
"Blame It On The Stars/One Dance"
"Holding Out"
"Give Love"
"All Time Low/Stay"
"Miss Me"
"Sunday Morning/Holding Solos"
"Remind You"
"Good Parts"
"Fresh Eyes/Daya"
"Honey I'm Good"
"Back Home"