By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 21, 2021 at 9:26 AM

The #greatmkesummer is here! AND so is your Summerfest 2021 lineup. To see the full list so far click here

Summerfest heard you like lineup announcements, so they got you a lineup announcement on top of your lineup announcement. 

Yes, hot on the heels of the UScellular Connection Stage lineup as well as the Generac Power Stage lineup, the Big Gig now announced its performers for the Klement's Sausage & Beer Garden. And here they are:

Sept. 2

Noon – Barb Stephan and Peter Mac
2 p.m. – Frogwater
5 p.m. – Spike and April
7 p.m. – Robin Pluer and the R&B Coquettes

Sept. 3

Noon – Annie B & Jahmes
2 p.m. – Funky Chemist
5 p.m. – Pete Nuemer
7 p.m. – Brian Dale Band

Sept. 4

Noon – MC Smith and John Minard
2 p.m. – Cache Milwaukee
5 p.m. – Harmonious Wail
7 p.m. – Senri Oe

Sept. 9

Noon – Jon Rouse
2 p.m. – Sam McClain
5 p.m. – Pangaea
7 p.m. – Vivo

Sept. 10

Noon – TBA
2 p.m. – Boney Fingers
5 p.m. – Wade Fernandez
7 p.m. – Wait for Morning

Sept. 11

Noon – Jim Olschmidt/Steve Cohen Duo
2 p.m. – Big Al Dorn
5 p.m. – Mighty Ms. Erica and the Sound Production
7 p.m. – Johnny Burgin

Sept. 16

Noon – TBA
2 p.m. – Stephen Hull Band
5 p.m. – Mrs. Fun
7 p.m. – The Group

Sept. 17

Noon – Gene Gruber
2 p.m. – Jackie Brown
5 p.m. – Lil Rev and Jim Eannelli
7 p.m. – Eric Barbieri and The Rockin' Kraken

Sept. 18 (Oktoberfest celebration)

Noon – Jon Dietz & The Twin Lakes Trio
3:30 p.m. – Bryan O'Donnell Band
7 p.m. – Steve Meisner Polka Band

For more information on tickets, lineups and more at the Big Gig, visit Summerfest's website. And stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more Summerfest announcements. Surely they have to be running out of them soon, right? RIGHT!?

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