By Jason Keil   Published Mar 17, 2004 at 5:11 AM

{image1}First there was Spinal Tap. Then there was The Darkness. Now Milwaukee has a rock band that with their influences knee deep in an orgy of ladies, love, .38 Special and irony. They are known as Sweettooth.

Jeff Carpenter and Jeff Villwock (whose takes the stage as Jesse Roxhard), formerly of the band The Sophisticates, and Dave Flores have already mapped out Sweettooth's destiny, which will contain three albums, with the soon-to-be released debut being described by Carpenter as "what Kiss would have sounded if they listened to Weezer."

"There is definitely a sense of irony about the band," explains the drummer, "I wouldn't liken us to Spinal Tap."

The rest of Sweettooth's future can best be described one of the best episodes of VH1's "Behind the Music," with the trio's rise to semi-stardom with their breakthrough second album, which has the group wallowing in the life's excesses: money, sex with numerous B-list celebrities and drugs.

But the extravagant lifestyle that the band will eventually lead will come to a screeching halt when one of group's members, yet to be determined, will start knockin' on heaven's door choking on their own vomit.

Carpenter, best known for his work with local ska group Highball Holiday, and the other members of Sweettooth know that it's a long way to the top if they want to rock and roll.

"We have worked harder with this band than any other we have been in," Carpenter explains, "We have catchier vocals and are very mainstream."

Sweettooth will be playing at Vnuk's, located at 5036 S. Packard Ave. in Cudahy, on Fri., Match 19 with Koala and Binky Tunny and the Farmland Chokehold. Ironically enough, a pair of tickets to see The Darkness at The Rave will be given away to a lucky fan at the show. Vnuk's Web site is