By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Jul 04, 2019 at 4:01 AM

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If you’re going to a Taking Back Sunday concert, you can certainly expect a lot of things. You can expect lead singer Adam Lazzara to twirl his microphone more times than one can count. You can expect to hear their nearly two decades of hits. And most importantly, you can expect to have a great night from start to finish.

But during the band’s performance at Summerfest’s Miller Lite Oasis stage, the show came with a lot of unpredictable moments as well, proving that you truly never know what to expect when TBS comes to town.

Here are our five unpredictable moments from Taking Back Sunday’s Summerfest performance:

1. Mother Nature added to the show’s production

As anyone who stepped outside yesterday knows, the fog paid a visit to Milwaukee in the evening. And although the conditions certainly spoiled the fireworks for many, the setting made for some cool views at Summerfest on Wednesday. So while Taking Back Sunday brought smoke machines of their own, they likely didn’t need to because Mother Nature supplied a great amount of fog during the performance.

2. A Bears fan tried to ruin everyone’s night

Just a couple months away from football season, when the Green Bay Packers were brought up during Taking Back Sunday’s performance, the crowd instantly began a "Go Pack Go" chant. Unfortunately when Lazzara asked about the crowd’s chant, a Bears fan hopped on the mic with a "Go Bears," which was instantly met with a sea of boos. The moment was definitely entertaining ... but Bears fans can either remain silent or catch TBS during their next visit to Riot Fest.

3. Lazzara made an untimely fireworks joke

Early during Taking Back Sunday’s Miller Lite Oasis set, the band competed with the end of the lakefront fireworks. Addressing the fireworks, Adam Lazzara jokingly warned the crowd "maybe it’s not (fireworks), everybody duck for cover," to which he instantly backtracked. No one legitimately thought the fireworks were gunshots, of course, but it’s best that Lazzara took back the joke before receiving any bad press in a 2019 climate. The crowd loved seeing the singer show off his personality though – bad joke or not.

4. They had the best transitions

"Check out this cool sh*t we can do," Lazzara told the crowd before transitioning into the next track from their lengthy setlist. While the entire performance was, indeed, cool stuff, the use of transitions were on point, hilarious and by far better than the traditional, "This song is about X, Y and Z."

5. A motorist got a free concert with his traffic ticket

During the middle of Wednesday’s performance, an unsuspecting motorist likely enjoyed a few songs from Taking Back Sunday’s set while pulled over by a police officer on the freeway directly above the stage. Since TBS was a ground stage band, their performance was free with a festival ticket – and in this case, a traffic ticket, as well. 

Another reason to take a shuttle! Drive safe!