By Katie Klein Special to Published May 04, 2011 at 9:43 AM Photography: Bobby Tanzilo

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I cannot think of a more appropriate way to express my deep-rooted and sincere gratitude for educators, than using this very public forum.

And to call out the jackasses who seem to neglect the word "appreciation" that educators are so deserving of. Every day.

I have the distinct honor and privilege of knowing a few upper-echelon educators within the area. I also follow a few teachers on Twitter. They are nothing short of amazing.

I've witnessed them instruct in front of diverse classrooms full of students, draw up lesson plans over endless cups of coffee and methodically pour their hearts and souls into each day's activities. They are full of hope. They're focused on injecting children's lives with knowledge that will one day mold them into future leaders – future pillars of a community – and adults that will one day change the world. These teachers are selfless.

Then come the jackasses.

The young "adults" who think they're holier than thou, who can do no wrong. Who have the right of way at all times of the day, with little regard to the things they say. They don't care about the words they hurl, they're being "real."

Lately, I've been on the listening end of stories within MPS about just how little appreciation is given to teachers. There aren't many "thank yous" given. No participation in a lesson or topic discussed for that class. Each day, these teachers walk into the same battlefield knowing that within moments, they are going to be told to $@&% off, assuming of course that these punks actually show up.

What the hell?

I'm not naive. I'm well aware that the world I grew up and went to school in has drastically changed. I'm also aware that there are a lot of political and financial restraints that face a public learning institution such as MPS. (No, I'm not about to get political. If you're wondering why, read my previous blog post.) But, never in a million years would I ever consider telling my teacher to go (expletive) himself or herself. Not only would I have been expelled faster than you kill a spider, but the wrath I would've faced at home ... yeee-ow.

So, on behalf of all the punk kids who have no mind of their own to separate from the infectious pack, I say thank you. Thank you for shaping the minds of those yearning to learn, and being an inspiration to the small groups that are willing to listen. You are appreciated.

Katie Klein Special to

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