By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Jul 26, 2015 at 7:36 AM

When the summer ends and school begins, it can be a bummer. But if you are friends with a bunch of stars from a magical move world, anything can happen.

When the original Disney Channel film "Teen Beach Movie," did well for the cable outlet, the young singing stars were bound for a sequel with all of the dance numbers and songs you’d expect from a production aimed at pre-teens. When "Teen Beach 2" aired in June, it brought in 13.5 million viewers. Now, it is available on DVD.

It would be easy to cast off the movie as average eye candy for the type of viewers who love "High School Musical" and shows like "K.C. Undercover" and "Girl Meets World." But, to be honest, "Teen Beach 2" deserves greater attention because it never pretends to be more than it is … a modern day update to the teen beach movies that made Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon household names back in their day.

I doubt young stars Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell, who play the leads of Brady and Mack in the film, expect to star in Skippy peanut butter ads any time soon. But based on the audience reaction, they should plan on shooting a third installment of the film in Puerto Rico.

As the modern-day Brady and Mack step forth on the beginnings of their high school romance, their being sucked into the world of "West Side Story" though a magical bracelet provides the opportunity for some campy fun. When the bikers and straight-laced beach goers decide to enter the real world, they delight in how new and different the world is. However, they can’t resist getting the jocks, nerds, stoners, Goths and cheerleaders to all participate together in a singing and dance number on the outdoor cafeteria tables during school lunch.

The movie has a lot of campy moments like this one, but the characters know it is campy. That’s what they love about it.

Hey, it is magic after all.

The young teens in the household who like Disney Channel shows will enjoy this film that plays on stereotypes, disappearing magical stars and a "Save the Beach" dance.

The home entertainment DVD features the film, some behind-the-scenes footage and a magic bracelet of your own. I am wearing the magic bracelet from my copy of the "Teen Beach 2" DVD today, waiting for Dorothy, Toto and the rest of the gang going down the yellow brick road in the newsroom. I think I’ll be waiting a long time.

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