By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Sep 07, 2013 at 6:29 AM

What is the definition of a nerd?

It’s a good question, as the term itself could have different meanings based on one’s own personal experience. It can be seen as a derogatory, meant as an insult. Or it can be embraced by people who have a strong love of something that they don’t care about the judgment from the rest of society.

If you take a camera and microphone to Pridefest and ask the question … the varied responses make for a good TV show segment. That’s what David Todd is counting on.

"I live with my cousin, he’s my roommate and best friend ... and he’s a complete comic book nerd," Todd said.

Todd – who has worked in creative services and promotions locally at WITI-TV Fox 6 and WDJT-TV Ch. 58, and nationally with Fox – opened up his own agency this past spring. With his partners Derek Degenhardt and Jason Ruck, Todd had the video and audio gear and a studio on the third floor at My People Creative.

"We were making video productions for corporations, which is good," Todd said. "And then, we decided to do stuff we wanted to do."

Todd, a self-described TV nerd, got his cousin and a couple of friends together and created a new local show.

"The Nerd Show TV" will premier tonight at midnight on WCGV-TV My 24.

"It’s comics, gaming, role play, cosplay, tattoos, piercings, pride and more," Todd said, describing the topics the half-hour production will cover.

His co-hosts include his comic book nerd cousin, Jim Ratkowski, Jenn Jarvey and James Kline.

"Jenn (Jarvey) is a tattoo girl and she’s also a huge Tim Burton fan," Todd said. "She has a room that’s a Tim Burton room that she will decorate for holidays like Halloween and Christmas."

Todd called James Kline, "who everybody calls Kline," the truest nerd on the show. He covers gaming, from card and strategy games to video and online platforms.

"He’s very pale and lives in a basement," Todd said of Kline. "I think we have all the bases covered."

The first season is slated to run 12 weeks and features local people and businesses. The team has gone to The Lost World of Wonders on Oklahoma Avenue and 42 Lounge on Mason Street.

"We all found ourselves watching My 24. We watch ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ … I gave them a call and they really embraced us," Todd said.

Todd said that station executives at Sinclair Broadcast Group, the company that owns and operates WCGV My 24 and WVTV-TV CW 18, look to do local, original programming. Todd also loved the time slot.

"I figured it was a good time for nerds who don’t go out and may be home gaming," he said.

Todd bought the airtime from WCGV and took on the duty of selling advertising spots during the show. His team basically delivers a 28-minute production every week. We talked about this approach, and Todd said it wasn’t as expensive as many would think. Especially since he and his partners at My People Creative have the gear, studio and graphic and editing experience, getting it to air was affordable. He also credits WCGV with offering a great package.

To get the word out, "The Nerd Show TV" hosts have visited area comic book shops and passed out promotional cards and have been using social media like Facebook.

"There’s been a natural, organic groundswell," Todd said of the support and awareness of the project.

Beyond airing on My 24, the shows will be available by Sunday morning on its website

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