By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 18, 2016 at 8:56 AM

UPDATE, 6/18: Marcus Lemonis has returned to Milwaukee to finish what he started, tweeting out twice about checking out the work he's done with The Soup Market (as well as Milwaukee Pretzel Company, judging by the tags) at 5:30 p.m. at its 2211 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. location.

The businessman and star of CNBC's business reality TV show "The Profit" was previously in Milwaukee last month, filming at the Milwaukee Public Market and around Milwaukee for a new episode likely coming this upcoming season.

Be sure to check it out! Meanwhile, the show's new season premieres Aug. 23. 

Before he was businessman, philanthropist and TV reality star Marcus Lemonis, he was Marquette University political science student (and criminology minor) Marcus Lemonis. He's obviously gone places since his time in Milwaukee, but today, he's returned to the Cream City – and he's apparently bringing some cameras with him. 

On Saturday, Lemonis tweeted out that he would be coming to Milwaukee to film an upcoming episode of "The Profit," his CNBC reality TV show in which he approaches struggling small businesses across the country with advice, expertise and – of course – a bit of a monetary investment in exchange for an ownership stake in the company.

Then, this morning, Lemonis tweeted out a follow-up message about returning to Milwaukee – and, judging by the "The Profit" hashtag, hopefully bringing some bonus business success with him. 

Very kind messages from the TV businessman, but one question still remained: So where exactly is Lemonis bringing "The Profit" to in Milwaukee? The original tweet doesn't say in particular where, but it does come tagged with Marquette University (likely as just a shout-out to his alma mater), Milwaukee Downtown and, the biggest hint of the bunch, the Milwaukee Public Market.

The Public Market was "unable to confirm or deny" whether or not the CNBC reality show was coming in to film on Monday. However, after receiving a few tips from employees at restaurants in the Public Market, several sources told OnMilwaukee that "The Profit" was shooting an episode at The Soup Market's Hales Corners location earlier in the day and that crews are expected to film at the MPM location as well sometime early this week. When asked, however, the owner was unable to officially comment. 

The Soup Market, started in Bay View in 2004 by Dave Jurena and Tim Talsky, currently has five locations scattered around the Milwaukee area: Hales Corners, Vliet Street, the Milwaukee Center, the Milwaukee Public Market and Bay View. 

The upcoming fourth season of "The Profit" – featuring what we can assume to be a Soup Market-based episode – premieres on Aug. 23, so stay tuned. 

UPDATE, 5/9: Judging from Marcus Lemonis' Instagram, the Bay View location was also on the list of filming spots ...

Great business with great guy #theprofit #milwaukee

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... before heading to the Milwaukee Public Market. 

#Milwaukee @milwaukeepublicmarket #theprofit

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As we said, stay tuned!

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