By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 07, 2011 at 1:12 AM

Here are Packers General Manager Ted Thompson's remarks to the media following Super Bowl XLV:

On how Green Bay handled changes as the game went on:

"Well, they've done it all year long. Especially our defense, I'll just take that, for instance. You lose a guy like (Charles) Woodson, you've lost a lot of the options that you were planning on using during the course of a game. But I thought Pittsburgh did a good job on offense. They moved the ball. We were able to get a couple turnovers; those in the first half were huge and we hung on and we won. I wouldn't have wanted to play a six-quarter game."

On Aaron Rodgers persevering through tough situations during the game to be named Super Bowl MVP:

"He's a good player. There were things that happened. You lose Donald Driver in the equation, that changes things. So he came through, the offense came through when we needed it, (it) put some more points on the board and we were able to win the game."

On how gratifying it is to see Aaron Rodgers succeed on such a big stage:

"I'm very proud of Aaron. He's a good player, a good teammate. I think people are going to write stories about him 10 years from now; he's pretty special. Even though he's done so much, he's still just kind of getting started."

On the support he and Aaron Rodgers have shown each other:

"I try to be supportive of all our players."

On his relationship with Aaron Rodgers being special:

"Yeah, I think it is. He's the focal point of our team, he's our quarterback. You have to make sure he likes you."

On if he feels vindicated:

"I don't think about stuff like that."

On how he feels after the win:

"I feel relief. First of all, we were able to hold on and win. I feel a sense of pride of the guys in this locker room. I've said this over and over, a team is something very, very special and a championship team that goes through all the things that this one went through is remarkably special."

On having trouble finding words to speak after receiving the Lombardi Trophy:

"I didn't know they were going to ask me any questions, so I wasn't ready for an answer. I don't know, I don't think I was ready to start crying. It was kind of surreal because all this confetti is falling and you're holding the trophy and you just beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl, which is really rare and it's still all kind of settling. It just wasn't all there."

On when Mike McCarthy told him he wanted the players sized for their Super Bowl rings and what he thought about it:

"A few days ago. I was okay with it. If we hadn't had won it, they would have still gotten an NFC Championship ring, so they still needed the ring size."

On if he feels that the Packers are poised for a special time period, given the players expected back for next season:

"I don't know. I think we have a good team. But if we learned anything from this year, your best laid plans ... this isn't fantasy football. You can't say, 'We got this guy at tight end. We got this guy at left tackle.' You can't plan that way. You have to try and get as many good players as you can. I hope and I think we'll be a competitive team in the future but we'll still be the kind of team that has to play well and if we play well, we'll have a chance to win."

On if he talked to President Barack Obama on the podium following the game:

"He didn't call when I was up there. But he wouldn't call me."

On if it was fitting that the team won despite losing Charles Woodson and Donald Driver during the game, much in the same fashion the team battled through injury during the season:

"The team has been very resilient. Obviously, you take those two players out of the equation in the second half, you kind of start checking your whole card. This team has been that way, that's the reason it's so special. I think they can stand on their own with all the championship teams that have been here."

On if the longer halftime helped the Packers:

"I don't know. I wasn't down here during that period. That would be speculative."

On how he feels about the future, given how young his roster is:

"Well, I feel good about the future. I'm not thinking about the future. I'm thinking about enjoying this. It's a Super Bowl win. This doesn't come around all the time."