By Jason McDowell Creative Director Published Feb 15, 2022 at 12:31 PM Photography: Jason McDowell

When the organizers of the Tour of America's Dairyland announced their 2021 dates last year, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. After a year of non-stop canceled events, coupled with the increased availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, it was the first major sign that outdoor events could safely return.

But it still wasn't smooth sailing. By the time the tour dates had arrived, the schedule had shifted; Bay View dropped altogether, and Brady Street rescheduled for the next year. Janesville stepped in to cover a second day, Washington Highlands became the first neighborhood association to sponsor a race, and a non-race rest day was declared for the middle.

Despite the challenges, the series was an overall success, closing out with a tremendous block party in Tosa Village. (And watching West Allis native Skylar Schneider blow everyone out of the water throughout the series was pretty great, too.)

A little girl watches women race the Tour of America's Dairyland.
"Go, go! Go as fast as you want to go!"

Today, series organizers announced via email that Kwik Trip has taken the position of title sponsor, and announced the (mostly) finalized 2022 schedule:

2022 Kwik Trip Tour of America's Dairyland

  • Thursday, June 16 – Janesville
  • Friday, June 17 – East Troy
  • Saturday, June 18 – Grafton
  • Sunday, June 19 – Manitowoc
  • Monday, June 20 – Bay View (Milwaukee)
  • Tuesday, June 21 – TBD
  • Wednesday, June 22 – TBD
  • Thursday, June 23 – Brady Street (Milwaukee)
  • Friday, June 24 – Shorewood
  • Saturday, June 25 – Downer Avenue (Milwaukee)
  • Sunday, June 26 – Wauwatosa Village

Janesville is back for a single day, but they're kicking off the series – and they always do it with a serious purse. The beloved Bay View race is returning, though there is no indication yet whether it will be raced under the lights as it has in the past. Brady Street was orginally announced for 2021, but it ultimately didn't happen, so it's good to see them back.

There are still two gaps in the schedule, which leaves room for either some new entrants or the return of some classics. May I suggest the friendly atmosphere of Hartland or the brutal climbs of Port Washington?

Bike racers in Shorewood at the Tour of America's Dairyland in black and white.X

Registration for the Kwik Trip Tour of America's Dairyland opens in March. You can find more information at For more information about racing in general, check out the Wisconsin Cycling Association.

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