By Margaret Stutt Special to Published Feb 24, 2010 at 2:58 PM

Dear Milwaukee,

Taking on Dylan and pals by covering "Handle with Care" by the Traveling Wilburys. It's part of a series during the tour, people request any song they want and the challenge is to cover it in a way that's sincere to me, as if it could have come from my journal. My host, Matt, is also a musician and we've collaborated on the sound.

Over the past few days I've been working on the music video for this song, asking random people along the way if they'd be willing to participate in the project. This venture proved successful in meeting fascinating people in the city that I would have never met otherwise (presumably, I would never have met them; maybe fate would have brought us together the next day at a sandwich shop, who knows...).

Boston. I went there. It was fun.

Played a show at a corporate office kitchen on a Monday evening. Seemingly the most bizarre set for a show, but not so crazy when it's the headquarters for the music business mega site, Sonicbids.

Completely unsure what sort of situation I was walking into, this show satiated a curiosity: were there, in fact, people behind my electronic press kit?

The answer, as it were, is yes. Sonicbids is a group of people, a fun bunch at that. I played a set while they had a happy hour beer. They were a very attentive audience, with questions in between songs -- an overall very relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. And they promise to help me fix up my profile (I have tech impairment at times). A couple of them gave the accordion a whirl, I love the facial expression on people the first time they play an accordion.

Latrt, I met up with my friend, Kate, at Algiers, a Moroccan coffeeshop on Harvard Square. The architecture was gorgeous; I appreciate the architect's passion for space. Fortunately for us, there was also a Classical guitarist sharing his talent. He is the "house musician" and plays every Sunday and Monday evening. To be so lucky! I wish I lived in the area for this weekly ear massage.

The day was saturated with vibrant people and atmospheres. The day was a gift, for what I'm not sure, my birthday was several months ago. But the last 24 hours really did feel like a present.

The commute back to New York City was long, cold and wet. The graphic novel, "Watchmen" kept me company. It's the first time reading in this genre,and I'm finding it more dense than I expected it to be, gained respect for these authors and illustrators. I had a hot bowl of soup in Chinatown, then finally back to the Brooklyn apartment to finish the first video for the NYC Cover song request series.

The Milwaukee Music Awards are tomorrow at Whiskey Bar, I wish I could be there to see friends and celebrate everybody's hard work in the scene! Go for me, it's a fun night.
Here's Jordan from 88nine, streaming from his pajamas (hehhee).

Ok, I've got to get ready, I have a NPR interview today! I'm very excited ... these are good days.