By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 26, 2019 at 5:29 PM

There was a time when the Traveling Beer Garden was able to open briefly in the middle of February because the weather was so wonderfully summery and nice. Yeah, that's not happening this year. 

But for those needing something to help keep them warm this week, here's a sentence that should help: We're just a handful of weeks away from beer garden season. And to confirm that happy realization, Milwaukee County Parks today announced the upcoming season of stops for its 2019 rolling mead-mobiles, officially setting out on May 8. 

"It's great to see Milwaukee County Parks honor Milwaukee's beer history and deep German roots and give residents the opportunity to create new traditions with the Traveling Beer Gardens," said County Board Supervisor Jason Haas, in a release. "It's a fun way to promote the great cultural assets of the parks as well as a safe gathering space for people to enjoy a beer, music and fun."

"Milwaukee County has had vibrant parks for years, and the Traveling Beer Gardens add to that vibrancy. We're thankful for the partnerships we have to ensure guests of the beer garden have fun and remain safe," County Executive Chris Abele added, in the release.

"The parks play an integral role in Milwaukee's summer scene, and we're delighted that the Traveling Beer gardens have been successful for the past five years."

But enough stalling: Here's where you'll find the Traveling Beer Gardens – once again featuring two simultaneously traversing fire trucks-turned-suds slingers making their way across the city – this summer when the tours begin on May 8:

Pass Me a Pint Tour

  • May 15-27: Kletzsch Park
  • May 29-June 9: Froemming Park
  • June 12-23: Falk Park
  • June 26-July 7: Jacobus Park
  • July 10-21: Washington Park
  • July 24-Aug. 4: Bender Park
  • Aug. 7-18: McCarty Park
  • Aug. 21-Sept. 2: Juneau Park

Roll Out the Barrel Tour

  • May 8-27: Juneau Park
  • May 29-June 16: Doctors Park
  • June 19-July 7: Grant Park
  • July 10-28: Lake Park
  • July 31-Aug. 25: Greenfield Park

If you need some nosh to soak all those suds up, tasty smoked meats from the Iron Grate BBQ food truck will be back on the menu this year – expanded from just weekends and special events to every day and every stop of the Roll Out the Barrel Tour. In addition to its mouth-watering meats, the food truck will also offer grilling favorites like brats, Polish sausages and pretzels.

For those who want to work off all of this beer and barbecue, the Traveling Beer Garden 5k Run will return this summer, as well. Once again featuring six runs throughout the season, the 5k will take place on assorted Thursdays, starting at 6 p.m. each night and costing $30 per race or $150 for the entire series. Each runner will receive a T-shirt and, of course, a pint of beer (or root beer) afterward to both celebrate your healthy work and completely undo it. 

Traveling Beer Garden 5k Run dates

  • May 23: Juneau Park
  • June 6: Froemming Park
  • June 27: Grant Park
  • July 11: Lake Park
  • Aug. 1: Bender Park
  • Aug. 22: Greenfield Park

Registration will now open soon at this website.

The Traveling Beer Garden will open 5-10 p.m. during weekdays, as well as 11 a.m.-10 p.m. on the weekend (with live music as well on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 8 p.m.). Last call is at 9 p.m.

For more information on the Traveling Beer Garden, click here. And for those who can't wait until May 8, here's one final bit of good news: The South Shore Terrace beer garden will open the taps in April. There's hope! At some point, the snow will end!

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