By Jason McDowell Creative Director Published Jul 01, 2020 at 12:28 PM Photography: Jason McDowell

According to The Courier, a media website based out of Waterloo, Wisconsin, the Trek CX Cup, Wisconsin's premier cyclocross race, has been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19. There are plans to return for the 2021 season.

According to The Courier, "due to risks associated with COVID-19 and the already stacked schedule for UCI road and mountain bike racing this fall, Trek has chosen to forgo hosting its marquee cyclocross event this year. To continue with the event as scheduled would further complicate a demanding, highly unusual calendar for the professional cycling community and race organizers alike."

The Trek CX Cup is only part of a greater series in the Cyclocross World Cup, which splits a months-long competition across the US and the European Union. It's not hard to imagine that the disappointing rise in American coronavirus cases, followed by subsequent travel restrictions, has also added complications for attracting top European talent.

There is no word yet on whether or not the rest of the European-based World Cup calendar will also meet the same fate.

In local series developments, our neighbors responsible for the Chicago Cross Cup have announced the full cancellation of their series, and a similar announcement was made from Ohio Valley Cyclocross. The Wisconsin Cycling Association is currently in talks about the future of their cyclocross season, but has not yet made any such announcement.

See the epic, muddy spectacle that is the Trek CX Cup from 2019.

What is cyclocross?

Cyclocross (aka cross or CX) is not a short lap race, usually 30-60 minutes, over variable terrain and is designed to challenge both fitness and finesse. It's not road racing (though the bikes look similar), and it's not mountain biking (though the tires look similar). It's kind of both smooshed together. If you imagine something like a Mud Run but on nimble bikes, you're most of the way there.

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