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I've been waving my manicured, trend-hungry hands over my crystal ball for what's going to be hot (or not) in 2012. If you care about being "on trend" or being a "girl on campus," as one of my dear buddies likes to call the "in-crowd" who unabashedly takes advantage of what's in style – often all at once.

And if you don't give a flying fad or – better yet, like to go against the grain and rock skinny jeans when bell-bottoms are "in" – then this may be for you too.

And if none of it is, then take that grain of salt with you right into the new year!

1. Facebook Backlash – I think I'm praying for this more than I am predicting it. Facebook just seems to be so all-consuming. I see people glancing at their phones compulsively for "updates." The phrase, "I saw on Facebook that you..." comes up all too often in casual conversation and has turned the most normal of people into virtual stalkers. Honest people admit, "Facebook is taking over my life." That is not good. I smell a hefty rebellion coming. Fingers becoming tired of constantly having to update their status, to "like" this or that and to comment on their "friends" minutia. Or like me, maybe people are just getting creeped out by TMI on the timeline, all the time, 24/7. It's on your phone, on your computer, in your conversations. What's next? Customized Facebook updates instead of commercials on TV? Yuck. Occupy Facebook.

2. Crazy haircuts – A la "Girl with Dragon Tattoo." It's all the rage. After all, its just hair. And it grows back. Long, wavy, balliaged and "ombred" hair has been in such heavy rotation, scissors are sure to start cutting choppy, asymmetrical 'dos. It's time to get funky people. Break out the razors and the flat, matte hair dye. There's about to be a crew of Lisbeth Salanders strutting around town. (At least in Bay View and on the East Side.)

3. Non-traditional lipstick shades – Inky blue/black, deep red/brown, cool grays. If it's unnatural ... I see it appearing on pouts in 2012. Wearing these shades against muted, matte skin will give a second coming of "Mad Max" feeling perfect for the predicted end of days. Try "Photo" from MAC or any Lime Crime Shade.

4. Meditation – It may finally be catching on. Being still. Observing your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is becoming cool and I think 2012 is the year it's going to stop being something only your "hippie" friends do. I see meditation gaining the same mainstream popularity as yoga. And who knows, maybe it will change the world.

5. Extreme Home Fitness – Extreme home workouts using DVDs and websites that kick your butt right in the comfort of your own living space will continue to thrive. The release of P90X2 and the wildly popular website will continue to recruit a legion of home workout warriors. Minimal equipment – if any – and enough space to move safely are all you need to get brutally worked into tiptop shape.

6. DIY Beauty Treatments – Gel manicures and facial peels used to be left in the hands of trained professionals. Beauty services once only reserved for the salon will become more popular to do at home. The availability of personal use laser hair removal devices, microdermabrasion equipment and Keratin Straightening systems has made beauty within domestic reach. Is this the end of salons? Hardly. I think Brazilian waxing is safe for awhile.

7. Green Smoothies – It's en vogue for celebs to be photographed sipping their green juices/smoothies and these veggie cocktails will continue to gain popularity. We're not talking powders here. This is hard-core healthy, Vitamixed or juiced-whole veggies and fruits. There could be worse trends than adding veggies into your diet. Milwaukee juice bars like Fresh Eco, The Green Kitchen and Beans & Barley will have lines out the door! Just add in more greens (especially of the leafy variety) to look and feel better in the new year!

8. Crazy Legs – Basic black leggings are so 2010-11. The year 2012 will usher in a new breed of crazy, printed leggings that will challenge any shiny spandex to an '80s dance-off. Look for bright colors, outrageous patterns and super tight, body-hugging fabrics to be blazing on legs everywhere. Strut them with heels, boots or throwback high-top sneakers. Wear them to the office, parties or the gym.The louder the legging, the cooler the look!

8. Hoods – Stop letting that seemingly useless piece of fabric just hang there on the back of your sweatshirt or jacket. Throw that baby up over your head for what I believe we'll be seeing a lot of in 2012. Detached, knit versions are perfect for cold weather, like Lululemon's "Hickey Hider." You have to see it to understand it. Regardless, I think we'll be seeing hoods as headwear fashion statements this year! Plus, they are an amazingly practical way to protect your hairstyle and warm your head when January through May's unpredictable weather strikes!

9. Metal Madness – A band, more rock/metal than pop, will reinvigorate the music scene with its melodic, yet thrashing sound. Well, maybe this is more of a wish than a prediction. And perhaps I'm just anticipating the fallout from the "Rock of Ages" movie. But, it's time music had some muscle again and 2012 is about time for it to happen. Support local music and maybe a "MilROCKee" band will make it happen!

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