By Renee Lorenz Special to Published Oct 24, 2011 at 6:13 PM

I have a lot of cute memories of my early trick-or-treating years. My awesome pumpkin bucket. Getting mad that I had to wear a jacket over my costume. Bartering with my little brother for the good candy when we got our hauls home. You know, normal kid stuff. 

Of course, childhood memories wouldn't be complete without a couple traumatic incidents thrown in, and this naturally applies to Halloween. 

I can still remember that fateful day. I think I was still relatively new at the whole trick-or-treat business because I recall getting mildly confused when no one greeted me at the front door. There was candy, though, in a bowl by the scarecrow sitting on the porch. (I think you know where this is going.) The unsuspecting little witch-costumed sap that was my child self reached out for a piece of candy and got the living crap scared out of her by an incognito neighbor with a twisted sense of humor.

In retrospect, I give major credit to the guy for sitting perfectly still for practically three hours just to scare some hapless little candy beggars. That's dedication. And frankly, it's pretty hilarious. It got me wondering, though, if anyone still regards "trick or treat" as a dare and not just a stand-in for "give me candy."

Do you know a house that doles out a little bit of a scare before letting the costumed kiddos make off with their reward? Is this the kind of thing you pull? Let me know. I'd like to rest assured that the trick is alive and well. And no, I don't mean sending kids on their not-so-merry way with toothbrushes or pre-packaged coloring kits. That's just cruel.

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