By Shannon Kirsch   Published Mar 13, 2016 at 1:03 PM

"Bar Month" at OnMilwaukee is back for another round, brought to you by Great Northern Distilling: grain to glass spirits, handmade in Wisconsin. The whole month of March, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun articles on bars and clubs – including guides, the latest trends, bar reviews, the results of our Best of Bars readers poll and more. Grab a designated driver and dive in!

Grab a drink and catch up or re-watch some great shows and make it a little fun with adding these amusing drinking games.

"Fuller House" 

"Fuller House" is painful to watch because of the predictable jokes and incredibly simple story lines. However, this show isn't going away since it's been renewed for a second season on Netflix so whether I like it or not this show is here to stay. However, to all the fans who want to watch the spin off, and to those of us who need to drink while watching it here's the game:

  • Drink every time a catch phrase is said ex: "Have mercy!" "How rude" "Oh Mylanta" "Hello Tanterinos"
  • drink when Jessie talks about his hair
  • drink every time "everywhere" is sung in the opening credits
  • waterfall during the music for the emotional "we learned something today" moments
  • take a shot if there’s a flashback to the original series

"Game of Thrones" 


Everybody's favorite fantasy show is coming back in April. If you haven't caught up or just want to re-watch the last few episodes to refresh your brain here's how you can make the show a little more interesting and experience Westeros like our little friend Tyrion does. Drunk.

  • drink every time anyone on the show is drinking
  • drink every time Sansa whines
  • take a shot every time someone dies
  • drink every time Hodor says "Hodor
  • waterfall l until a sex scene is over 

"Bob's Burgers"


"Bob's Burgers" is undoubtedly one of the funniest shows on television which isn't a surprise since it's currently on its sixth season. The animated show is about a guy who owns a struggling burger joint with an eccentric wife and three unique kids. Why not relax and knock back a few back while watching this comedy?

  • drink every time Linda says alright
  • drink every time Louise screams
  • drink every time Tina groans
  • waterfall through any song played throughout the episode



HBO’s "Girls" is like the millennial's Sex and The City with all of the raunchy content and witty dialogue. Most of the time it’s hard not to be drinking when watching this show since all of the characters don’t make the best life decisions which can stress out the viewer.

  • drink if Hannah is naked
  • drink if Shoshanna makes a pop culture reference
  • drink if Ray insults someone
  • take a shot if someone other than Hannah is naked

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

Having been on for 16 years this show has shown us fictional scum of the earth with the help of Detective Benson and Stabler. This show has produced a crazy amount of episodes which is good because it’s impossible to watch just one. Lets see if your liver can handle this one.

  • drink at every "dun dun"
  • drink when Ice-T says, "that’s messed up"
  • drink when someone draws their weapon
  • drink when someone is raped

Any old show

There’s also a popular game that you have to try where you tape a mustache to your TV or laptop screen and whenever someone’s face lines up with it you drink. 

Bottoms up, Milwaukee!