By Heather Leszczewicz Special to Published Jan 12, 2006 at 5:20 AM

Going to the movie theater or to the video store on the weekends has been less inviting as of late. With skyrocketing prices, consumers may be keeping their money in their wallets. So what's a person going to do for their entertainment fix?

The solution to the problem may be to start beefing up your own DVD collection. This venture doesn't need to break the bank and it'll pay off in the long run. Buying a handfull of used DVDs -- "previously viewed" if "used" isn't your thing -- could come out to be the same price as a night at the movie theater. A collection can be worthy of any movie fanatic or it can be a small personalized selection with all the movie staples.

So maybe it's time to avoid the cold weather and curl up with a used DVD, a bag of microwavable popcorn and a couple of friends? There are plenty of places around Milwaukee to find pre-owned DVDs.

Blockbuster Video
Various locations
This widely-known rental store chain specializes in previously viewed DVDs. Every neighborhood Blockbuster has shelves of newer releases that can be bought once rental demand goes down. Lately, there has been a deal of three DVDs for $25 or two for $12.
Price range: $6.99 and above.

CD Max
1428 E Brady St. (414) 431-0770
A great selection of DVDs for some of the lowest prices. Those movies that you secretly love but are a bit embarrassed to own are basically a steal here. Plus, the music being played in the store is enough to make you walk in and browse.
Price range: $2.99 - $13.99.

Exclusive Company
1669 N Farwell Ave. (414) 271-8590
Exclusive Co. doesn't have the most used DVDs, but it does have good prices for what it has. There are several locations all around Milwaukee, as well.
Price range: Many titles under $10.

Game Stop
The Shops at Grand Avenue Mall, 275 W. Wisconsin Ave. (414) 224-0655
Besides video games, Game Stop locations have also moved into the used DVD business. The selection may not be as big as some of the other stores on this list, but shelves change on a weekly basis.
Price range: $5.99 - $16.99.

Half Price Books Records Magazines
16750B W. Bluemound Rd. (414) 354-1235
Half Price Books has a mixture of DVDs and VHS, and the prices depend on how new and how in-demand the movie is. But the atmosphere is that of a bookstore: Inviting and quiet.
Price range: $5 - $15.

Music Recyclery
The Shops at Grand Avenue Mall, 275 W. Wisconsin Ave. (414) 224-0655
This growing franchise has a location in Grand Avenue and if you know what you're looking for, this store is a great resource. Their Web site lists the current inventory and at which store the item is located.
Price range: $5.99 and above.

Mega Media Xchange
4820 S. 76th St. (414) 282-9994
A stone's throw from Southridge Mall, the Xchange is a store filled with all sorts of movie genres. The largest DVD selection on this list is arranged alphabetically -- along with sections for Anime, Children's films and two cases filled with television series on DVD as well as DVD collector's editions. Somehow there's always a movie that has been missing from your collection.
Price range: $4.99 and above.

Heather Leszczewicz Special to

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