By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 04, 2011 at 7:40 AM

I wanted to give some props to Nick Sanborn, Brent Gohde, and Dan Didier for following through on a pledge they made to start the NFL season.

Long before Mike Vick made the astonishing comeback that he has after replacing Kevin Kolb as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, Sanborn, Didier and Gohde promised to donate $10 to the Wisconsin Humane Society for every time Vick was sacked. They called their pledge the "The Vick Payback".

Didier announced his regular season donation total on Twitter Monday writing: "Michael Vick sacked 34 times in the regular season which means I'm donating $340 to WI Humane Society."

For those unfamiliar with the story, Vick was accused in 2007 for financing a dogfighting operating in Virginia and personally participating in dogfights and executing dogs. He pled guilty to some of the charges, admitted to hanging or drowning several dogs, and was sentenced to almost two years in federal prison.

I am a big believer in forgiveness and redemption, and I think it's great that Vick is getting a second chance on the football field where his performance has been undeniably impressive. But although Vick has denounced his actions again and again in the press I think he could do a lot more with his renewed celebrity to help animal rights causes. And while I hold out hope that he does one day, it's nice to see some Milwaukee folks are are using the whole thing to draw attention to a good cause in the meantime. 

Contact the Wisconsin Humane Society if you want to join in the Vick Payback and make a donation. And let's hope the Packers join in the payback when they meet in the playoffs.