By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Jun 05, 2012 at 1:03 PM

History is being made in Wisconsin, and each news outlet in the state hopes you are paying attention to them.

In this time of recall elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and a handful of other races, experts are expecting a large number to turn out to the polls. Early tracking on early polling and absentee vote requests points to a larger-than-normal turnout for a statewide election.

On the air, online and in print, multiple news sources are doing their best to attract your eyeballs and offer the latest in reports from your neighborhoods and elsewhere. Scrolling tickers of results will hit WDJT, WISN, WITI and WTMJ TV stations shortly after the polls close at 8 p.m.

Between now and then you can count on election news to dominate regularly scheduled broadcasts and even knock out other prime time shows.

For instance, WISN will air its special election coverage beginning at 8 p.m. tonight. The live coverage will follow a special presentation featuring Stephanie Sutton and her reporting on Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver and his quest to win the latest "Dancing With The Stars" trophy.

TRACKER TRACKER: If you missed it, you may be able to stop by to hear clips of Dylan Bolin's election-tracker-tracker coverage from this morning, offering all of the insights only an extreme media event like this can provide.

As Bolin puts it, "A tracker tracker tracks tracking." Long-time listeners may be familiar with the storm tracker tracker that Kevin Brandt (KB) provides on the Dave and Carole show on 96.5 WKLH-FM during winter snow events.

"As you know, the eyes of the nation will all be on Wisconsin on June 5, and Wisconsin's anchors and reporters will need to be on their game," Bolin said. "The election tracker tracker will follow them, and track how they're covering this historic day."

When asked what he will see when he's tracking this evening after the polls close, Bolin leaves this bold prediction: "The easy money's on Carole Meekins, but don't rule out Mike Gousha. Ted Perry is the wild card. If he brings his A-game, all bets are off. On location, Charles Benson and Colleen Henry have the chops, but Courtney Garish does her best work on the road, and this year's sleeper from (WDJT) Channel 58, Laura Rodriguez."

Since recalls are now all the rage, I asked Bolin what should be recalled next.

"I would recall robocalls. Besides, I would love to hear a robocall for an end to robocalls," he said.

NATIONAL NEWS: FOX News will be here live, covering the Wisconsin recall election today. They will even go up against local news outlets with a one-hour special edition of "Special Report with Bret Baier" at 10 p.m. CDT.

Managing Editor of Business News Neil Cavuto will anchor "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on Fox News at 3 p.m. Central and "Cavuto" on Fox Business Network at 7 p.m. from Madison. His guests will include a number of Republicans: Gov. Scott Walker, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

NEW SHOW: As a child actress in the 1980s, Melissa Francis appeared on "Little House on the Prairie" and a number of other shows and commercials. Now, the former economics student at Harvard has found herself in front of a camera with her own program on the Fox Business Network. The show debuted on Monday and airs weekdays at 4 p.m. CDT.

EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS: Since TNT's announcement that the cable network is reviving "Dallas," advertisers have taken to farm fields to help get the word out. TNT and JetBlue are working with grain and mulch to create a five-acre billboard featuring the likeness of J.R. and Bobby Ewing. The messages are meant to be seen by air travelers on flights heading to Dallas.

Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist

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