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Here is a list of Milwaukee and other Wisconsin winners in the 2012 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards.

Find a full list of winners here.

News and Talk Radio Award Winners

Large Market Radio

SPOT NEWS: 1. WTMJ-AM, The Sikh Temple Massacre; 2. WI Public Radio, Galloway Resignation Shifts Senate Balance of Power; 3. WI Public Radio, Sikh Temple Shooting

HARD NEWS/INVESTIGATIVE: 1. WUWM-FM, Project Milwaukee: Help Wanted; 2. WI Public Radio, Red Cliff Tribe Struggles for Years to Remove DoD Barrels from Lake Superior; 3. WTMJ-AM, Combatting Wisconsin’s Drunk Driving Culture

FEATURE: 1. WI Public Radio, Barn Dance; 2. WI Public Radio, Paddleboard Yoga Comes to Wisconsin; 3. WUWM-FM, Wisconsin Politics Gone Wild

BEST NEWSCAST: 1. WTMJ-AM, Wisconsin’s Morning News; 2. WUWM-FM, June 6, 2012, Morning, Newscast

BEST USE OF AUDIO IN RADIO NEWS: 1. WTMJ-AM, The Return of the Honor Flight; 2. WUWM-FM, Not Just High School Theater; 3. WI Public Radio, Marching Band Camp

NEWS WRITING: 1. WTMJ-AM, Pits for T***; 2. WI Public Radio, Mike Simonson; 3. WI Public Radio, Glen Moberg

LIVE ON-SCENE REPORTING: 1. WTMJ-AM, The Sikh Temple Massacre

BEST CONTINUING COVERAGE: 1. WI Public Radio, Summer Drought Hits Wisconsin Farms; 2. WTMJ-AM, The Azana Spa Shooting; 3. WI Public Radio, The Fight Over Mining Laws

BEST RADIO SHOW: 1. WTMJ-AM, Mid-Day with Charlie Sykes; 2. WI Public Radio, Joy Cardin Show, October 5, 2012; 3. WSSP-AM, Bill Michaels

BEST INTERVIEW: 1. WUWM-FM, Sons of Slain Sikh Temple Leader Recall Their Father and His Faith; 2. WTMJ-AM, A Father Mourns; 3. WAUK-AM, Tuesdays with Aaron Rodgers – September 25, 2012

SPORTSCAST: 1. WTMJ-AM, Wisconsin’s Morning News Sports

SIGNIFICANT COMMUNITY IMPACT: 1. WMCS-AM, 1290 WMCS Holiday Promotions – Thanksgiving Bountiful Baskets & the Christmas Family Feast; 2. WTMJ-AM, Kids 2 Kids Christmas

EDITORIAL/COMMENTARY: 1. WUWM-FM, The End of "Pinktober"; 2. WUWM-FM, One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison

PROMOTIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 1. WMCS-AM, Morning Magazine; 2. WI Public Radio, WPR Pledge Imaging; 3. WI Public Radio, WPR News and Talk Imaging

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: 1. WTMJ-AM, You Can Make a Difference – 1 in 3; 2. WTMJ-AM, You Can Make a Difference – 1 in 4

BEST COMMERCIAL: 1. WSSP-AM, Medical Diagnostic Imaging – "It’s Jim"; 2. WSSP-AM, Custom Craft Environmental – "Problem Solver"; 3. WMCS-AM, Community Financial Service Center

BEST HUMOROUS COMMERCIAL: 1. WSSP-AM, Get to Know Bank of England ... England, Arkansas; 2. WTMJ-AM, Louis Ink Blots; 3. WTMJ-AM, A State of MINE


ELECTION COVERAGE: 1. WTMJ-AM, Red White and Blue Election Coverage; 2. WUWM-FM, 2012 – Year of Elections; 3. WI Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio 2012 Election Coverage

Music Radio Award Winners

Large Market Radio

BEST MORNING SHOW (5AM-9AM):  1. WJQM-FM, Fish in the Morning; 2. WHQG-FM, Bob and Brian 102.9 The Hog; 3. WWQM-FM, Candy and Potter

BEST RADIO SHOW (9AM-5AM): 1. WRNW-FM, Riggs Random Radio Show; 2. WLDB-FM, Julie Davidson Mid-Days B93.3; 3. WJQM-FM, The Throwback Lunch

INFORMATION BLOCK: 1. WJQM-FM, Trash with Ash; 2. WYMS-FM, Radio Milwaukee Film Festival Insider; 3. WLDB-FM, B93.3 Jane and CV and Barry White Traffic with David Brooks

SIGNIFICANT COMMUNITY IMPACT: 1. WJQM-FM, 12 Days of Giving; 2. WWQM-FM, Hole in the Wall Tour; 3. WRNW-FM, 2012 Make-A-Wish Radiothon presented by Kessler’s Diamonds

BEST USE OF AUDIO (NON-NEWS): 1. WLUM-FM, Leave Kristen Alone!; 2. WJQM-FM, The Third Wheel; 3. WRNW-FM, Green Bay Packer Style – Gangnam Style Parody by Jesse Mitchell

PROMOTIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 1. WZEE-FM, Z-104 Real Housepets of Dane County; 2. WLUM-FM, Socktober with the Red Hot Chili Peppers; 3. WWQM-FM, Gambling for Gift Cards

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: 1. WLUM-FM, Rock the Green Eco Festival; 2. WWQM-FM, This is Why We Do It; 3. WLDB-FM, Liver Foundation Walk

BEST COMMERCIAL: 1. WKLH-FM, Milwaukee Brewing Company – Louie’s Demise; 2. WWQM-FM, S & R Remodeling - Random Scribbles; 3. WMGN-FM, Rogers Memorial Hospital Dr. R. OCD 4

BEST HUMOROUS COMMERCIAL: 1. WLUM-FM, Hall Volkswagon – It’s Hall Good; 2. WMYX-FM, Fast Track – "Wipe Away"; 3. WLDB-FM, Your Fortune in Frosting

MOST ENTERTAINING CLIENT-RECORDED COMMERCIAL: 1. WMHX-FM, Not in Kansas Anymore; 2. WMYX-FM, Images by Camela; 3. WOLX-FM, The Sound of a California Closet

BEST ARTIST INTERVIEW: 1. WLUM-FM, Krist Novoselic of Nirvana; 2. WYMS-FM, Studio Milwaukee – Band of Horses Interview; 3. WLDB-FM, B93.3 Jane and CV Best Interview with John Tesh

BEST STATION EVENT PROMO: 1. WYMS-FM, WBA 88Nine Station Event Promo – Soundbites 2012; 2. WKLH-FM, KLH Sticky Fingers Promo; 3. WXSS-FM, State Fair Promo

BEST STATION PROMO: 1. WJJO-FM, Direct TV Parody – Pocket Dial; 2. WLDB-FM, Love the 80’s Weekend – Mother’s Day; 3. WKLH-FM, KLH C Section Promo

BEST CLIENT EVENT PROMO: 1. WRIT-FM, Beaches Pre-Promo; 2. WIBA-FM, Noodles & Company "Beethoven’s Last Bite"; 3. WLDB-FM, How to Train Your Dragon Weekend

BEST ORIGINAL FEATURE: 1. WLUM-FM, Who’s More Sheboygan? The Hopper; 2. WRNW-FM, The Spoiler – Batman: The Dark Knight Rises; 3. WYMS-FM, Overcoming Hearing Loss – A Mother and Daughter’s Bond

BEST LIVE ON-SITE BROADCAST REMOTE: 1. WWQM-FM, Hole in the Wall Tour Live Broadcast; 2. WMYX-FM, Stuff the Bus; 3. WLUM-FM, Lollapalooza 2012


ELECTION COVERAGE: 1. WYMS-FM, Voting Compilation Final; 2. WLUM-FM, Decision 2012; 3. WKLH-FM, 2012 Election Parody – The Morning KLH

New Media Award Winners


BEST NON-NEWS WEBSITE: 1. WYMS-FM, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee; 2. WOZZ-FM,; 3. WDEZ-FM, WDEZ

BEST NICHE WEBSITE: 1. WEAU-TV, Moms Everyday – Western Wisconsin; 2. WLUK-TV, onPolitix; 3. WISC-TV, Community Sites

BEST SPECIAL WEB PROJECT: 1. WKBT-TV, One Year Later: Our Community Rebuilds; 2. WXOW-TV, Return to Pearl Harbor; 3. WISN-TV, Virtual Town Hall

BEST USE OF USER-GENERATED CONTENT: 1. WISC-TV, December Blizzard Watch; 2. WKBT-TV, Crash Engulfs Semi-truck in Flames; 3. WOZZ-FM, Rock 94.7’s Mother’s Day M.I.L.F.F. Contest

BEST INNOVATION: 1. WDEZ-FM, Bryan and Nikki Campaign 2012; 2. WISC-TV, Election maps; 3. WYMS-FM, 88Nine’s IPhone & Android Apps

BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: 1. WISC-TV, WISC and Channel3000 social media; 2. WYTE-FM, Pat & AJ in the Morning; 3. WITI-TV, Fox 6 Facebook & Twitter

MULTIMEDIA AD/PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN: 1. Local Vision, Local Vision TV Helps Janesville Plumbing "Crack Down on Crack"; 2. WISN-TV, A-List; 3. WYMS-FM, Sound Bites Short Film

BEST ONLINE PERSONALITY: 1. WISC-TV, Jessica Arp; 2. WYTE-FM, Pat & AJ in the Morning; 3. WAOW-TV, Rob Duns

BEST LIVE ON-SITE ONLINE COVERAGE: 1. WISN-TV, Sikh Temple Shooting; 2. WISN-TV, Brookfield Azana Shooting; 3. WAOW-TV, Kampmeyer

ELECTION COVERAGE: 1. WISN-TV, WISN 12 – Upfront with Mike Gousha; 2. WISN-TV, Political App; 3. Local Vision, Local Vision’s Election Coverage 2012

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