By Carolynn Buser Editorial & Social Director Published Nov 04, 2019 at 5:01 PM

For 91 years, WE Energies has published its annual Cookie Book and it has been one of my family's holiday traditions for nearly as long. 

My grandfather worked for WE Energies for 40 years before retiring – and my own father closed out at 38 years strong. My grandmother, mother, aunts and cousins – we've all made these recipes over the years. I can't say we've been making the delicious recipes since 1928, when the book launched, but we have not let these cherished books go to waste. 

Handed down through the years.

It was the start of the holiday season when you finally got your copy, even if we were a bit spoiled with early access to the books (thank you, Grandpa.) Starting this Saturday at Miller Park (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) at the Tailgate Haus, you can get your own copy of this year's book. You can take photos with reindeer and enjoy some hot cocoa as well. 

You can also download the new version starting tomorrow here

Where else can you can pick up these sought-after books in person? Here you go! 

The 91st anniversary edition of the We Energies Cookie Book features 38 recipes. You can also access the full database of all of the delicious cookie history here

Hopefully, you'll start your own tradition with the Cookie Book by getting a copy this year to make your holiday season a little brighter – and a little sweeter.

I will keep my current family tradition and bake up a few batches of this year's new recipes. 

Happy early holidays, Milwaukee. 

Carolynn Buser Editorial & Social Director
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