By Andy Tarnoff Publisher Published May 19, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog of random thoughts on my mind at that very moment. Usually, these kind of thoughts are fleeting.

But oddly, I have more to say on each. Here goes nothing:

Body scans: In my first rant about the subject, I asked why the "no-fly list" isn't a live, continually updated list. Now I'm wondering about the 3-D body scans that are beginning to make their way to select airports. I don't really have a problem with the privacy issue in this specific case, to be honest. When it comes to flying, I'll take safety over the indignity of someone in a separate room seeing a stylized, cartoonish version of my tubby self. But I'm also hearing rumblings that the safety factor of the low level of X-rays emitting from these machines hasn't been fully tested. I don't necessarily trust that the government has our best interests in mind at all times, and I'd like to see more proof that these machines are "safe."

Bring back McClung: Two weeks ago, I said it was too soon to fire the Brewers' skipper Ken Macha. I'm still not convinced he's the problem -- but the team is in jeopardy of falling apart before Memorial Day. Without a viable closer, let's take a look at out-of-work flamethrower Seth McClung. The dude loved pitching for the Brewers, but apparently didn't get along with Macha (which might not matter, since Kenny could be unemployed soon). McClung is currently playing in the Clearwater Men's Baseball League, so salary shouldn't be an issue. I say sign him up and let him compete for a job.

"LOST" finale: Two weeks ago, I was a full-on Lostaholic. Then, I suffered through a terrible episode (fans, you know what I'm talking about). But last night convinced me that Sunday's finale will be everything I've been waiting for. I'm totally ready for this weekend. Now. I'm pretty sure I've never geeked out for a TV show like this. Who's with me?

Vietnamese iPhone leaks: In my last blog, I waxed philosophically about the ethics and legality behind tech blog Gizmodo's purchase of a 4G iPhone prototype. Now, oddly, the new iPhone is popping up all over Vietnam, for some reason. It's really bizarre that 'Nam has become a hotbed of Apple rumors, isn't it? What hasn't changed since my last blog is my enthusiasm for the new device, especially after I saw the Droid Incredible in person. It's time for Apple to move the ball down the field. I'm very ready for the anticipated launch event on or around June 7.

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