By Becky Roozen Published Feb 14, 2005 at 5:27 AM

{image1} Although he knows who Jen "The Bachelorette" Scheft chooses in the final episode -- and we know it's not him -- Wendell Jisa, an entrepreneur from Chicago, wouldn't give way to which guy gets the last rose when he watched the show with fans Monday, Jan. 31 at Cans Bar and Canteen, 1815 E. Kenilworth Pl.

And now he's back from the Windy City for a second go-'round with Milwaukee's reality TV diehards for a special Valentine's Day night viewing of "The Bachelorette" at Cans starting at 7 p.m on Feb. 14.

He talked with OMC a little bit about the show and why he keeps coming back to Milwaukee.

Jisa says it was a last-minute decision to plunge into the exposure of reality TV, but he's happy he did, even though he didn't get the girl.

The process of elimination is pretty rigorous with evaluations, a background check and blood and drug tests, he says, but it was even trickier getting through the first night on the show.

"I was so overwhelmed by everything," says Jisa. The first rose ceremony was the worst, he says, taking until 6 a.m. Eventually, he got the hang of it and now, "If I ever did another reality TV show and knew then what I know now, it'd be easier and I'd be a lot more comfortable."

But as intimidating as it was for Jisa, he says Jen is the one who had it the worst when it comes to nerves.

"I think she has the toughest job," he says. "Put yourself in her shoes; she's got 25 guys staring at her; and it's not flattering, it's weird."

And now that the tapings are over Jisa is back to his normal life, but things aren't so ordinary anymore. He says he's been getting a lot of attention and is often recognized in public. "It's pretty cool because I'm just a regular guy," says Jisa.

So why does he keep coming back to Milwaukee to watch the show with "The Bachelorette" buffs?

"Milwaukee is awesome," Jisa says. And his newfound love for the city began when he decided to invest in Cans Bar and Canteen -- there's also a Cans in Chicago.

And since he has financial roots in Brew City, he's gotten to know and like the area. "This is a cool little neighborhood," says Jisa of the East Side. "I love it, I never knew that Milwaukee had this. I like it up here because it's the Midwest but not quite as big as Chicago."

He likes it so much he might even expand his Chicago-based company and open a Milwaukee office. In the future we might be seeing Jisa more than just on television, perhaps at the local corner bar.