By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 08, 2014 at 11:16 AM

It's the weekend, which means it's time for another set of Recommen ... wait, that's not what the title says. What's going on here?

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff OnMilwaukee editors and staffers love – gadgets, music, movies, food and whatever weird/awesome gizmo made our week. And we want to share that love with you. Basically, it's the same awesome recommendations with a sexy, new, hashtag-approved name. 

Enough with the formalities, though: Here's the stuff you want this week:

Clarisonic Mia 2 – While I'd like to think I look just as good as when I was 22, I know it's not the truth. And the pictures prove it. There are a ton of beauty products for you to try to combat and repair and ... well, you get the idea. The list of things you can put on your skin to help it look its best can go on forever. 

One thing I have tried and loved is the Clarisonic Mia 2. Clarisonic goes beyond cleansing by using sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores without harmful agitation or chemicals. It also removes six times more make-up than manual cleansing, cleansing so well that products absorb better— making skin more receptive to skin care ingredients. So, not only will your face thank you for using the Clarisonic on it, you can also feel better about the additional products you are spending money on for your face; they should and will work better!

I use mine a few times a week and could never do without one now. My boyfriend likes to use it too, but don't tell anyone else that. – Carolynn Buser

Aztec Camera, "High Land, Hard Rain" (Domino Records) – The new, deluxe, double-disc reissue of the 1983 debut by this Scottish band reminds us not only of why we loved it so much when it arrived, but that it still sounds fresh today. That's no small feat for a record made in the 1980s, when now-dated synths, triggered drum sounds and other effects have rendered a lot of records passé.

Other than a couple ill-advised electronic drum pad moments, the simple production laid down clean tracks to showcase the great songwriting, top-notch guitar skills and recognizable voice of front-man Roddy Frame. A second disc of b-sides, radio sessions, remixes and alternate versions adds some key moments, like the fine "Orchid Girl," which is as good as anything that made the LP, and the live tracks that briefly saw release in the U.S. on a 10" disc.

I could quibble with a few omissions, but I've been listening to this over and over again since I first got a download late last year, so obviously those "couldabeens" aren't diminishing my enjoyment much. They won't diminish yours either. – Bobby Tanzilo

Trader Joe's – I am a new visitor to Trader Joe's, and I'm thrilled with the place. Fresh salads, food and a great selection of wine and cheese. And visiting led me to cook Dover Sole a la Meuniere.

This is so easy, it's almost idiot proof. Meuniere means cooked in browned butter with a little lemon juice or zest. Pat the fish fillets – which I got frozen – dry. Heat unsalted butter in a pan until it starts to brown. Dredge the fillet through a mix of flour and whatever spice you like. I use a California pepper from Penzeys. Cook it in the butter on one side for about two minutes, flip it and then cook for another two minutes. Add a little salad, and you've got an absolutely great and easy meal.

I have also been buying the prepared salads at Trader Joe's. They are very well-priced, delicious and fresh. So consider me a convert. – Dave Begel

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier – I love this new gadget. A tiny, USB-powered humidifier, it attaches to a water bottle to provide humidity to only your personal space. That could be your nightstand, your desk, your car or your coffee table; you choose.

It’s pretty simple: Basically, you fill a small water bottle enough so the filter is submerged. The top fits loosely over the lid, and the standard USB cable plugs right in and powers the humidifier for eight hours or until the steam evaporates too much cool water. It lights up with a faint blue LED lamp and adds a perfect amount of moisture into these dry winter days. For only around $30, I’m a big fan of this little helper. – Andy Tarnoff

Cafe at The Plaza's lox and egg bagel sandwich – Because it's Hotel Week on, it seems like the perfect time to raise a mimosa glass to Cafe at The Plaza, 1007 N. Cass St., in the Plaza Hotel. This cafe is one of my all-time favorite Milwaukee places to eat breakfast or brunch.

I tend to go through phases with what I order. For months, it was the lemon poppy seed pancakes, then the veggie eggs benedict and lately, I've been a sucker for the lox and egg bagel sandwich. The freshness of the lox and the generosity of the capers make this a delicious choice – especially when paired with a colorful fruit cup or crispy cafe potatoes. – Molly Snyder

Kohler chocolates – Whether the name Kohler conjures sinks and faucets, luxury spa treatments, golf or legislated lawn-mowing days, for some it brings to mind the sweet scent of chocolate, thanks to the good work being carried out at the Craverie in the Shops at Woodlake.

Last week, I got a jump on St. Patrick's Day with a four-piece box of variety emeralds, green chocolates laced with subtle flavors of absinthe, mint, lime and green tea. They're rich and delicious, and they look incredible.

I also sampled two of Kohler's 1.5-ounce chocolate bars. A 55 percent cacao dark chocolate cherry almond bar has a nice blend of flavors, while the sinful milk chocolate peanut butter bar has a touch of sea salt for zing. There are four other flavors – milk, dark, hazelnut and mint – and I'm going to make my way through all of them, starting, I hope, with my favorite: hazelnut. – Bobby Tanzilo