By Nick Barth Gear writer Published Jul 18, 2015 at 8:14 AM

Here's one for the DIY set. The Kinkajou bottle cutter allows you to turn your empty bottles into functional works of art. Candles, glasses, lamps, candleholders, lamps, planters, terrariums: what do you want to make? The premise is simple and the work is easy.

The Kinkajou scores the bottle so you can easily (and safely!) cut the bottle wherever you want. Just slip the bottle inside the Kinkajou, making bottle is square to the Kinkajou and the scoring disc is where you want it. Give the bottle one turn, and you'll see a slight mark (the scoring) around the bottle. If all went well (might take a bottle or two to get it down), your scoring mark lines right up with itself all the way around the bottle. Once that's done, place the included rubber rings on either side of the scoring mark. Take it to the sink and pour hot water over the scoring mark for a few seconds to warm it up. Cool it off with cold water for a few seconds, then alternate hot and cold until the bottle separates. The separation is suprisingly anti-climactic. There's no big pop and you don't have to pull it apart. Once it's ready, the sides just silently fall apart.


Pinterest is full of ideas. What would you make?

When successful, the glass cuts cleanly and evenly. It's still cut glass, though, so sand them down a but to take off any sharp edges before you handle them.

Once the glass is cut, get creating! Pinterest is full of great ideas for the Kinkajou. Turn wine bottles into a light fixture and beer bottles into candles. I made a picnic set of tumblers from beer bottles and have a couple of large, wide bottles in queue for terrariums or hanging planters.

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