By Nick Barth Gear writer Published Dec 02, 2014 at 4:15 PM

Shopping online doesn't necessarily mean sending your money out of your community. Milwaukee is home to a number of businesses selling products online, and I brought two with me to my latest visit to WISN-12 news.

Milwaukeeans Carlos and Casey Lopez run Felix, a style-driven lifestyle shop for men and boys. One of their most eye-catching lines is from Amos, a company that also has roots in Wisconsin. I chose their slim wallets to showcase. Slim wallets have been gaining popularity for some time now and make a great gift for anyone still carrying a folding wallet. Amos' are simple, stylish and the leather will age beautifully.

For women, I chose a blanket scarf from Lizzibeth. Lizzibeth started as an online-only store and recently opened a storefront at 550 E. Menomonee St. in the Third Ward. Scarves are a must-have accessory and make for a worry free gift - they match just about anything! Blanket scarves in particular are huge and their size lends them to even more varied use, some of which I tried to demonstrate above. Despite Thema's doubt, Lizzi assures me you really can wear them with a belt!'s senior developer Nick Barth has been a part of the team since 2008. After an 18-month stint in Portland, he returned to his hometown with a new love of food trucks, bike life, and simple and effective gadgetry. The self-proclaimed gear geek and denim addict now presents OnMilwaukee's #wewant series weekend mornings on WISN-12.