By Sara Conrad Special to Published Nov 01, 2010 at 1:48 PM

Trick or treat, that costume's neat, give me some delicious whiskey to drink.

The above sums up my 2010 Halloween experience, thanks to a extraordinary time indulging in frights and fun at Whiskey Bar. Late last week I was offered the opportunity to be a judge at the costume contest Friday night, one of three nights of the "Wicked Whiskey Weekend." Never one to pass up a chance to wear my judge-y face for good and not evil, I went into last-minute costume creation mode and hit the town.

I had never been to Whiskey Bar, 788 N. Jackson St.. The Downtown club scene with all its glitz and glam slightly scares me, but isn't that what Halloween is all about? Heck yeah it is! Bring on the scary, bring on the sexy, and bring on the sauce.

Turns out I didn't have anything to be anxious about. Whiskey Bar has the glitz, but it also has a familiar, comfortable air about it. As soon as I walked through the doors, I knew it would be a night to remember. Or not.

Did I mention I love whiskey?

The centerpiece of the bar is just that: a giant, ovate bar in the center of the main room. Even when the club was packed with plush, odd-shaped costumes it was easy to zig and zag my way to the front to grab the attention of one of the many bartenders and pick my poison.

Next to the bar, lining the windows are rows of small seating areas dotted with low leather chairs and tables. One tidbit I loved are the many small vignettes of lounge-y spaces peppered throughout the entire club, making the space feel just like a sip of good whiskey. Warm, sumptuous and spicy.

Adding to the spice of Friday night was a performance by the The Boogie Men, which is always totally rad. The space where they played was equally as rad. It's a huge room just of the main bar area with a substantial stage, sunken dance floor and an additional bar. Being able to bee-bop from the main room to the dance floor to the lounge areas is fantastic. It's like visiting three different bars, sans cab fare and cover charges.

A few other extra tricks and treats I appreciated included the lack of a line at the ladies room thanks to a very thoughtful and efficient bathroom attendant and a heated patio conveniently located right outside the main space for those seeking a smoke. Add the plethora of amazingly inventive costumes adorning the friendliest of folks.

Some say Halloween is "amateur hour." That wasn't the case at Whiskey Bar last Friday, and I suspect it never is. I can't wait to go back unaccompanied by my Mad Hatter getup and have another glitzy and glamorous night Downtown.

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