By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Feb 05, 2018 at 3:09 PM

Recently, Thrillist published a list of "The Wildest, Most Fun Bar In Every State" and declared Milwaukee’s Jo Cat’s Pub as the winner.

Thrillist opened the article with the disclaimer "the selections included here might not be the absolute rowdiest places in town (though, sometimes they are), but they are joints that anyone – of any age, of any walk of life – should be able to walk into on any given night … These are bars where you can bring your freshly 21-year-old cousin, and your octogenarian grandma, too."

I’m not sure I would grab Nana for a midnight visit to Jo-Cat’s, but personally I’ve had some evenings there that would fall into the category of wild-ish, so I find this a solid choice.

Unfortunately, although the author notes that Jo-Cat’s is a two-story establishment, the rest of the copy is really generic. But those of us who have actually been to Jo-Cat’s know that it’s deserving of the accolade. Party on, Wayne.

Here’s what the author wrote:

Are you in Milwaukee? Do you enjoy drinking? Look behind you, because there is a 100 percent chance you're standing in front of a tavern right now. But what if you're looking for the kind of bar that feels like an overwhelmed house party, complete with a questionable amount of personal space? What if you're looking for the kind of place where a large man pushes past you, and you're like, "Does he play for the Packers? Should I say something?" (He does, and no, you shouldn't). You'll navigate your way upstairs. It's still crowded. But you have a beer now. You have another. The bar feels less crowded. The music seems to keep getting better. You lose track of time. By the time you come to the next morning, you're just grateful you live in a state that happens to be legendary when it comes to Bloody Marys.

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